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Boxes covered in fabric


You will need the following craft materials:

  • Little cardboard holders, cartons or boxes
  • Cloths in your favourite colours (100% cotton 50 x 50 cm)
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Book binding paste (available in craft stores)
  • A broad paintbrush
  • A soft cloth

Craft instructions:

  1. Cardboard boxes are covered with fabric. First of all you should cut the fabric to the size of the box with 1cm extra on all sides. If you prefer, you can make a “stencil” from paper and use this to measure out the fabric.

  2. You then apply book binding paste to the top of the lid.

  3. The lid is then placed on the centre of the left side of the cloth and pressed down. Cut the cloth at the lid edges.

  4. The paste is them added to the side walls with 1cm space along the inside edge of the lid. Lightly paste the edge of the cloth as well. Work with extra care at the edges!

  5. You then pull the fabric tight, fold it inwards and press it down firmly.

  6. A carton is made in exactly the same way. However the fabric is pulled over the narrow sides first, the extra fabric is glued at the corner and the upper edges are folded downwards. The longer sides are stuck down afterwards.

  7. Smooth down the fabric with a cloth. Let the paste dry well and the boxes are ready. You can use the boxes as soon as the paste is fully dry.

These boxes make tidying up fun: All bits and pieces which would usually be left lying around can simply be “thrown” into the colourful boxes.

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