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Chocolate mallow throwing machine

1. Game rules

The chocolate mallow throwing machine works like this: from a specified distance (throwing line) tennis balls (or similar) are shot at a target. If the target is hit, a mechanism activates the mallow thrower: The thrower who succeeds in hitting the target must watch out (and catch) because the chocolate mallow will come flying towards him.

2. Area of use

The chocolate mallow throwing machine is very good for use in community fetes, children’s parties etc. It can also be used as a „bonbon“ after a regular children’s meeting group (or after Sunday school). However the throwing and catching surprising fun is not only for kids: Adults can also put their target skills to the test (e.g. on family and community fetes). When using this, you should be aware that the chocolate mallows which are fired can be dropped and can land on the floor. For this reason, it is better not to play the game on a carpet!

3. Building instructions

At this point, we consciously do not want to give a detailed description. Lots of the measurements are dependent on the thickness of the materials used. As the building of the machine lends itself to the use of wood cut-offs and other objects, every woodwork master must work the sizes out for himself.

3.1. Version A

(Model made by Herrn Pixberg of Wuppertal)
Advantage: Simple to build. Disadvantage: unprotected chocolate mallows.

Chocolate mallow throwing machine

3.2. Version B

(Model made by the Free Evangelical Bekenntnisschule in Bremen)
Advantage: The chocolate is protected from the balls and is not “disturbed” by ricochets in the machine.
Disadvantage: complicated to build.

Chocolate mallow throwing machine

4. Notes on the building materials

So that the chocolate mallow really does fly to the thrower the rubber band must be pulled very tense. That is only possible if the box is stable. It is recommended to attach the rubber band holders so that they can be adjusted at a later date without too much effort (for example: Smaller children throw from a closer distance - tension = reduced flight distance. Or: change the flight angle). For fixing the rubber band in place, we suggest the following solution:

Detail of Chocolate mallow throwing machine

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