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Card holder made from a milk carton


  • Milk carton or juice carton with lid
  • Carton for Template
  • White paper
  • Coloured pencils
  • Scissors - pointy
  • Glue


Per child you will need an empty and well-cleaned milk carton. Particularly, if you want to work with several children at the same time, it is recommended that you start collecting milk cartons well before. The template should have an outer radius of 4 - 4.5cm. In other words, select the size in a way so that it fits the size of the milk carton without any creases. Stick the template on and create as many of them as there are children in your youth group.


First the children have to cut out two circles from the milk carton (radius 4-4,5cm). One has to have a hole in the size of the lid. Next, from a piece of white paper the same two circles are cut out and painted.

Now without putting the lid on, the two circles with the hole are pushed through the opener of the milk carton, with the painted one on the outside. Both circles are glued together. Children should be encouraged to use their own imagination to create as many as possible different and beautiful car holders. The disc without the hole is stuck to the front and the lid put back on again.

To give the card a better hold, the cap can be loosened before you put in the card and fastened afterwards. Also, the cards should be distributed on an as larger as possible surface around the lid.

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