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Cuddly Teddy


  • Wool
  • Crochet hook or knitting needles
  • Needle
  • Thread
  • 2 buttons and a pearl
  • Cotton wool, wool or toilet paper newsprint for stuffing

Cuddly Teddy


The most extensive work is crocheting or embroidering an elongated rectangle, whose size depends on the desired size of Teddy. Please note that the crocheted fabric must be folded up so that it results in a long crochet piece.

Therefore, you should use thicker wool so you are finished sooner. If it is too loose, the stuffing will come out through the gaps. After you have done that, the two longer sides are sewn together, turned inside out so that the seam is inside. Make sure the thread you are using is the same colour as the bear.

Now sew on the buttons for the eyes and the pearl for the nose. Sew on a line the mouth. Then the body is stuffed with cotton wool which is softer than newsprint of toilette roles.

Next, firmly tie together the ears as well as the head and sew the small side together. This time, the seam is outside. Finally, you can decorate your bear with a braided or crocheted scarf. If you want, you can crochet or knit little squares, sew them together and attach them to the small side of the bear as arms and legs.

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