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A Game to communicate

This game shows how easy it is to talk past each other. Even more, one is sure to understand the other person, yet, we hear something different. But the game also shows how difficult it is to communicate with each other.

A Game to communicate

The game consists of a partition and many blocks. Each player has the same building blocks in front of him on the table.

A player (A) takes one block and puts it in front of him on the table. He tells the other person, which kind of block he took and where he put it.

Player (B) is now trying to find the same block and put it on the same spot (It is allowed to ask questions).

Player (A) now takes another block and places it next or on top of the first block. Of course player (A) tells player (B) what he did. Player (B) is trying to place the block on the same spot like player (A).

The game goes for so long until there are no more stones left. Then the partition is removed and the results are compared.

Feedback session:

  • What was difficult?

  • When did the blocks stop matching each other?

  • In a second round what could be made better or different?

  • What explanation was useful, which was not, what questions were good and which were not.

Of course, after these questions you need to transfer them all to real life situations. Where do such situations occur in real life? How can this game help us to communicate better with each other? Try to work out rules and regulations regarding communicating with each other.


  • The blocks are already set up and have to be explained to the other person.

  • Two players build and two others explain what they are doing

  • There are three players (This requires another partition and some blocks).

Send in from Ronnie Berzins

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