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Wallet from milk carton


  • an empty rinsed milk carton
  • Wool
  • Construction Paper
  • Scissors
  • Knife
  • Ruler
  • Pencils
  • Thick needle
  • Small Velcro pieces or pushbutton

Wallet from milk carton Wallet from milk carton


First you need to remove the lid, then empty and rinse the milk carton well. On the narrow sides of the container, you need to carve the carton slightly so that you can fold it inwards and the carton can be flattened. Next measure 5cm on the broad side.

The other three sides have to be cut off at the 5cm level. This gives you a hinged flap. This flap is slightly rounded up at the top. From the remaining carton – the flap excepted – find the middle and carve it again with the knife so that you can fold your wallet.

Now put the purse in front of you, with the flap downwards. Using a needle make four holes on the upper and lower halves and on both sides.

Altogether you made 16 holes, with each going through two carton sides. Now take a relatively long thread and start at the marked middle and thread the string crosswise, just as you would with shoe laces – and slowly work your way to the outside.

Tip: at this point, still leave your wallet unfolded because it makes it easier to pull the needle through. Now pull the string tight, tie a knot and trim the ends off. This will give you a wallet with three compartments. All that is missing is a fastener, made from Velcro. You can decorate that with flower designs if you wish. All you need now is to braid a ribbon using wool, to carry your wallet. This is secured by the two incised holes of the wallet.

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