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Egg dyes

egg dyes


  • An egg
  • A small plate
  • Dye pigment
  • A soft paintbrush
  • Some water
  • Clear matt polyurethane varnish

The paints we need for painting do not necessarily have to be mixed from chemical solutions. The artists during the Renaissance period developed a paint for decorating frescoes which was produced from egg yolks and connected natural pigments to create strong paints which were easy to apply.

Egg pigments provide a natural and rustic impression and are suitable for walls and doors. They can also be used on smaller objects such as kitchen utensils, boxes and table surfaces. The homemade paints have a subtle and tender tone which makes objects look like they have been bleached by the sun. They are therefore ideal for the kitchen or greenhouse.

Due to the egg, the paint is easily ruined. It is therefore a better idea to produce as much paint as you need for the job but no more. Powder pigments are available in painting and craft stores. The non-toxic powder poster paints are the best choice. In order to mix a certain colour, it is better to mix the pigments first before adding the egg.

Pay careful attention to the instructions of use when applying toxic pigments. If you are painting a child’s toy use the powder poster paints instead of pigments.

Painted surfaces are to be covered with two coats of clear polyurethane varnish.

How to do it:

  1. Separate the egg yolk from the white and place the intact egg yolk on a plate. The egg whites can be used for something else.

  2. The membrane surrounding the yolk can affect the ability to mix it with the paint so remove it carefully with your fingers.

  3. Mix part of the yolk with a little of the pigment required using a soft brush. Mix different pigments to achieve different colours.

  4. Dilute the egg paint with water drop by drop. Use a soft brush to work in the water and add further pigment if necessary.

  5. As soon as the required colour is mixed, dilute it with water until it look like a poster paint. Be sure to use up all of the paint and leave it to dry.

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