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Pegs as candle sticks


You will need the following craft materials:

  • A pack of wooden clothes pegs (in department stores or drug stores)
  • Acrylic paints in white, pink, red, orange and yellow (available in hobby stores or craft shops)
  • Coloured candles
  • Newspapers
  • Broad and fine paintbrushes
  • Kitchen paper or cloths

Craft instructions:

  1. Before you start painting it makes sense to cover the work surface generously a few layers of newspapers.

  2. Now you can dedicate yourself to the pegs. It is great that these handy wooden helpers are still around! They now have a totally new function: as candle sticks! First of all you must carefully take the pegs apart.

  3. The halves of the pegs are then paints in the desired base colour and are then left to dry.

  4. Once the layer of paint is dry you can carefully put the pegs back together again and you can apply different coloured dots, stripes or pattern onto the outside of the pegs with a fine paintbrush. The paintbrush should always be cleaned on kitchen roll or a cloth before changing the colour. Let the next colour dry before applying the next ones.

  5. Open the pegs and place a matching coloured candle in the opening – your original and cheap table decoration in your own individual look is finished!

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