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Plaster serviette rings


You will need the following craft material:

  • Plaster mould e.g. with butterflies
  • White plaster of Paris powder (both are available in hobby shops or in craft stores)
  • Cardboard rolls (e.g. from kitchen rolls)
  • A4 craft felt
  • A plaster beaker (from DIY stores), paint box or craft colours
  • Clear varnish, paintbrushes, scissors, knife, multi-use glue

Craft instructions:

  1. At first you mix the plaster powder in the plaster beaker with water. The mix ratio is as follows: 4 parts of powder to 1 part water. Carefully mix for 10 minutes.

  2. The mass is then poured into a mould and is left to dry for approximately 30 minutes.

  3. In the meantime you can cut the paper rolls into 3cm rings and cover them with strips of felt. After the butterflies have dried remove them from the moulds (the moulds can be used again and again). The excess edges are smoothed off with a knife.

  4. You can now let your fantasies run wild and paint the figures colourfully to your own taste. Tip: you can paint them to match the colours of your crockery or table cloth and you have a suitable decorative accessory.

  5. To finish you only need to varnish the motives and stick then to the cardboard rings.

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