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A self-made board game

Board games like chess or checkers are even more fun when the board and the figures were created by you. The advantage: chess and checkers can be played on the same board. You just need to create different figures.

Self made board game
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  • Cork
  • A square board with a side length of about 30 centimetres
  • As big a sheet of paper
  • Pencil, ruler, a darker coloured pencil, water or acrylic paints and glue

The board:

First, stick the piece of paper to the board. Ideally, the back of the paper is completely covered with glue. Subsequently, the sheet of paper is glued to the wooden board.

Once the glue has dried, the long sides are measured and divided into eight fields. After that, the dots on the opposite sides of the board are connected with lines. This creates 64 areas of equal size. Use a dark colour do paint the fields. In the first row, paint the second field black. In the next raw start to paint the first field. Continue until the whole board covered in checkered patterned, one white, one black and so on.

The figures

The figures are made from cork. To distinguish them for their assigned purpose, the cork can be clipped, inscribed or painted.

For the Nine Men's Morris game, the corks are sliced, in approximately the same size and painted with acrylic paints. Lovers of the game can stick to the classical black and white colours or invent their own set of colour combinations. Let your imagination soar.

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