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Serviette pocket

serviette pocket


You will need the following craft materials:

  • 2 differently patterned tea towels e.g. with dotted, vertical or horizontal stripes or with hearts and flowers (to suit your own taste)
  • Coloured thread or embroidery threads
  • Cutlery
  • Serviette
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Needle

Craft instructions:

  1. A tea towel can quickly be made into a serviette and cutlery pocket. Spread out the patterned towel and cut it to a size of 38 x 24 cm.

  2. This piece of fabric is laid horizontally and is split into three lengthways. The left third is folded into the middle and sewn along the bottom edge and sides with rough hand stitches.

  3. The right third is then folded over almost flush.

  4. You take the second tea towel and cut out a piece measuring 10 x 10 cm. Using rough hand stitches, sew it to the lower half of the outer flap so that the top edge remains open for the cutlery.

  5. Approximately 6 cm above the stitched square, cut two vertically parallel cuts approx. 1 cm long in the outer third of the pocket. These should be approx. 3 cm apart.

  6. You now cut a 1 cm wide and 35 cm long strip from the second tea towel and pull it through the slits.

  7. You can now place the cutlery in the pocket and tie it closed with the strip of material. Place a pretty serviette into the pocket to finish. You can decorate the table in matching colours. Bon appetite!

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