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Teenager’s room




Shoe box, wallpaper leftovers, glue, craft knife, toothpick, scissors, crepe paper, fabric, drinking straws and paper + more depending on the design.

Craft instructions:

First of all a shoe box is turned onto its longest side, so that the front is open. All of the walls and ceiling are then stuck with coloured paper or wallpaper cut-offs. The floor can be carpeted with carpet cut-offs or also covered with paper. White paper can be prepared beforehand to look like laminate flooring. In order to include doors and window, the desire parts in the box are measured out, drawn on and cut out with a craft knife. This works best from the outside of the box. The window frames are drawn onto brown coloured paper and stuck around the window in the box. One centimetre above and to the left and right of the window, a curtain rail is marked out and a short stick (e.g. toothpick) is pushed through. A piece of crepe paper is cut to size and is wrapped around a further stick which is placed on the curtain rail holders. The blinds are finished. In order to make the curtains and simple piece of fabric cut to size is attached to the little stick. The wardrobe, bed and desk are all made from empty cardboard boxes. These can be put together to form larger pieces of furniture and then covered in white paper. If you do not want white furniture the items can also be painted (e.g. with water colour or coloured pencils) or you can simply use coloured paper. Little pieces of wood (shortened matches) serve as the bed posts. The bed clothes are cut from leftover pieces of fabric and laid on the bed. Serviettes can also be used if you prefer. The desk top is also a piece of cardboard covered in white or coloured paper and laid on top of the desk legs.

In order to make the stool, four drinking straws are cut to size at the desired height of the stool.

These four pieces of straw are then stuck together with sticky tape or glue. You should make sure that the right sticking substance is used for the right material otherwise it will not hold.

The finished piece is now made up of two legs and the back rest. The other two legs and the seat are also made of four drinking straws stuck together and shortened to size. The seat is now attached at a right-angle to the back rest with glue or double-sided sticky tape and the other stool legs are attached parallel to the seat. A potted plant can be made with a bottle top (e-g- from a water bottle). The double height of the bottle top is covered in coloured paper or can be painted. On a piece of A4 sizes green coloured paper or crepe paper, two 5cm strips are drawn and cut out. Each strip is now feathered out by making lots of little cuts approx. 4.5cm long. Both strips are then loosely rolled together and clumped up somewhat then stuck into the plant pot.

The frame of a mirror is drawn onto a piece of card at the desired size and is cut out. The frame is then decorated with gold paper, silver paper, transparent paper or is painted and is then stuck on. A mirror is then cut from aluminium foil and stuck behind the frame. The aluminium foil should be kept nice and smooth so that it reflects. The completed mirror can also be displayed in the room now.

Little pictures as posters can be decorated on the walls. A little lamp can be placed on the desk which can be made from coloured paper and aluminium foil. A newspaper and a laptop can also be made with paper. A short straw placed in some thin strips of paper can serve as a vase and be placed on the desk. A ghetto blaster can be simulated with a cork with some paper wrapped around it and painted. There are no limits to your imagination for further items which could be found in the room. You can also try to create your own room in a shoe box.

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