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Bomberman game

Preparations for the bombastic bomb game

First of all, you will need a lot of paper in the size of 4x2cm. Next write any kind of time on in. Let’s say like 2:30. But really no matter what the time is, just write it on it. Then hide the paper snippets in the terrain.


  • About 100 pieces of paper with the time written on it- (depending on the number of children) Pen and paper to jot down the points
  • Material for additional questions / actions
  • Something to identify the team leader as a robber

The aim of the game:

For each piece of paper, you receive points. However, how many points you receive depends on the time written on it. For every time snippet, which time has already passed you receive 1 point. – The bomb has already destroyed everything. For each time snippet which time has yet to come you receive 3 points, this counts for having secured the bomb.


Divide the kids into two groups. Then they have to go out and find the time snippets. It is up to the group how they go about it. Best, of course, everyone goes by themselves. One team leader will write down all the points of the group while the other team leader is the thief. If he catches a child, this has to hand over the time snippets and loses all the prospective points as well. As soon as the play time is over, each group adds up their points.

Those snippets, the kids have already handed in can be hidden in terrain again. This will make the game last longer. So, you always make sure, there are enough time snippets hidden.

Additional (for older children):

If you want, you can also write questions to answer or little tasks to fulfil on those snippets. On those snippets, however, is not time written down, but a number. The kids have to hand in the snippet and pick up the question or task. If this is executed correctly, they receive 5 points. (With the tasks make sure, that the kids can do them all by themselves).

Examples of questions and tasks

(Always adjust to the age of the children; if some tasks require additional material, make this available.)

  1. What is the name of the French president (as of early 2017)
    Solution: Emmanuel Jean-Michel Frédéric Macron
  2. Name 3 attractions in Baden-Wuerttemberg.
  3. Folding a paper boat.
  4. What is the last book of the Bible? Who wrote it? (You can look up the Bible)
    Solution: Epiphany, Johannes
  5. Keep quiet for 1 minute
  6. Burst an air balloon
  7. Cast the dice 6x and try to get 25 points
  8. What are the respiratory organs of fish
    Solution: gills
  9. Stand for 1 minute on one leg.
  10. Who was the first king of Israel? Who was his successor?
    Solution: Saul, David
  11. JOKER: You were lucky
  12. How many cms are in one meter? How many millimetres has one centimetre? How many seconds has one minute?
    Solution: 100, 10, 60
  13. How many days are in a leap year? How many days a normal February
    Solution: 366, 28
  14. Solve this math tasks:
    2653 + 23059 =
    5 * 0 = 10/10 =

    Solution: 25712, 0, 1
  15. Search for Psalm 50:15 in the Bible; all in 1 min
  16. Where is East on the map? Where is north?
    Solution: Right, Up
  17. Who discovered America?
    Solution: Columbus
  18. Search John 8:12 in the Bible within 1 min
  19. Name the four the Gospel writers
    Solution: Matthew, Mark, Luke, John
  20. Which story starts the Bible? What is the first book?
    Solution: Creation, 1. Moses
  21. What is the largest living animal today? What is the largest living animal on land
    Solution: blue whale, elephant
  22. Why did Jesus die on the cross? What does it mean for us?
    Solution: liberation from sin, we can come to the Father
  23. Take a piece of paper and keep tearing it until it is finally too small
  24. Put as many as possible cloth pins in the hair of other kids.
  25. In which continent do the zebras live? Call two enemies of a Zebras.
    Solution: Africa; Lion, hyena

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