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Haribo evening - games around Haribo

Haribos are swimming in a bowl
Haribos are swimming in a bowl | ©:

Preparations and materials for the Haribo gaming night

  • Paper and pen to write down points
  • Sheets of paper and pens for each group (quiz)
  • Haribo – 1 pack per group (Jumping)
  • Camera (video clip)
  • One pack of gummy bears, Smurfs, Coke bottles, (Various games)
  • Knife, fork, scarf, gloves, cubes, newsprint and tape
  • Prize for the winning team

If you want you can decorate the room with Haribo, streamers or balloons.


The group is divided into groups of 5 kids each. Everyone can gather point during the competition. Successively different Haribo games are executed. The participants have to show creativity, knowledge and speed. The group with the most points wins the Haribo evening.

Haribo Quiz:

Each group writes answers to the questions below. At the end is corrected. Each correct answer receives one point.

Questions about the Haribos:

  1. What does Haribo mean
    Solution: Hans Riegel Bonn

  2. Identify three types of Haribo

  3. When was the company Haribo founded?
    A) 1922 B) 1867 C) 1935
    Solution: A) 1922

  4. Identify four of the six flavours of gummy bears as well as their colour.
    Solution: White - pineapple, green apple, yellow - lemon, orange - orange, bright red - strawberry, dark red - raspberry

  5. What is not part of the gummy bears?
    A) honey B) Sugar C) acidifiers
    Solution: A) Honey

  6. What is the slogan of Haribo
    Solution: Haribo makes children happy, and adults alike.

  7. How many are gummy bears produced every day?
    A) 50 Million B) 20 000C) 100 Mio.
    Solution: C) 100 Million

  8. Which famous candy also part of the Haribo company?
    A) Snickers B) Maoam C) Take 2
    Solution: B) Maoam

  9. In which state of America does Haribo plan to build its US headquarters with the production of Haribos
    Solution: Wisconsin

Haribo Games

pick Haribos out from a meal bowl
pick Haribos out from a meal bowl (without hands)

  • Haribo puzzle

    For each group, a package of a Haribo candy is cut into smaller pieces. Then the children have to put them all back together again.

  • Haribo Advertising Clip

    Each group must create a one-minute promotional film for Haribo. After a preparation time of about 7-10 min, one contestant starts to film the ad. A jury of employees determines the score. Making, Make sure the ad has to contain certain things like a Coke bottle, for example, to make this task a little harder. If you provide all the materials for the kids, it would be easier for them to complete the task.

  • Haribo taste

    2 persons from each group are blindfolded. Next, each child gets one Haribo and has to find out which taste and shape it has. With Jelly bears, you can have them guessing the colour just as well. Play it three times and receive one point for every correct guess.

  • Haribo run

    Take a spoon and put 5 Haribos on it. The objective is to run with the spoon and the Haribos through an obstacle course. You can to that either in a 1:1 contest or take the time of each kid. In the end, the fastest wins.

  • Unwrapping Gummy Bears

    This game is the final game. All groups play together.

    Preparation: Take a bag of Gummy Bears, wrap it up in newspaper, then glue it all well together with tape.

    And that’s how you do it: All kids sit around the table and cast the dice. Number 6 begins. This child now, puts on, hats, scarves and gloves. Then he receives a fork and knife and has to make his way through all the newspaper. They are not allowed to use their hands. This child can try to get through to the Gummy Bears until another child casts a 6. Now, this kid gets a go to make it to the Gummy Bears. As soon as the Gummy Bears are unwrapped all kids can share the bounty.

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