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In- or outdoor games: 50 Missions

  • An activity game very well suited for large groups (up to 80 people)

  • The participants are divided into groups (at least 3 groups of at least 5 members.)

  • Both, children and adults are involved and become active

  • The tasks do not always have to be carried out by individuals, but the whole group will present the solution

  • The game can be shortened or extended according to your needs (but one hour is the least you should schedule for)

  • The game can be played indoors, outdoors or around the house

  • In the field hang up 50 envelopes. Each contains one particular task.

  • On a game board, using a dice and a small figurine, each group casts the dice once. Whatever number on the dice, they go and find the according envelop, solve the task and present it to the youth worker. Only then they can cast the dice again.

Notes on the implementation of the 50-missions-game for 80 participants aged 5-70 years.

Game Rules:

  • Divide into 8 groups, each group has a different colour

  • It's about completing missions as a team

  • Find the missions in the field (or the house). Red and then execute them.

  • The places where the tasks can be found have to be clearly marked.

  • The envelopes containing the tasks must be left in place.

  • All answers to the tasks must be shown or brought to the youth worker with the entire team present.

  • If the task requires additional material pick it up by the youth worker

  • Each team starts at a different point on the board at 1,7,13,19, etc. This ensures that several teams do not work at the same task at the same time.

  • Each group receives a pen and paper

  • Start rolling the dice at each respective starting point and add the number on the dice

  • The game is over by the ring of a bell.

  • At the end of the game, each group returns 6 envelopes

To prepare:

  • All the tasks are printed out in a big print. The envelopes are numbered 1 – 50 and the tasks put inside.

  • Divide into teams

  • Keeping material ready

  • Task sheets with the solutions for each adult (4x), one youth worker works with 2 teams at the time

  • Spread the envelopes around the house or field. (Use Sellotape, Tesa, etc ...)

  • Game board with numbers up to 50, figurines (8x), prepare dices (only numbers from 1-4)

  • Prepare tasks that are personal or refer to a particular place (No. 1, 3, 19, 30).

Required material:

  • Paper and pencils for each group

  • Schedule (large)

  • Some dices (numbers 1-4 on it)

  • Figurines in various colours.

  • Exercise sheets and solutions for each youth worker

  • 50 missions in envelopes

  • Tesa, masking tape, stapler, for securing the envelopes

For the tasks:

For some tasks keep the material ready, in case several groups must complete the same tasks at the same time (e.g. filling a bottle, doing a puzzle, paper clips ...)

  • Newsprint
  • Balloons
  • Paperclips
  • Clothesline and clothespins -
  • Mark 10m on the ground
  • Measuring tape or yardstick (more than one)
  • Puzzle (2 units with an equal number of parts)
  • Toilet paper
  • Colours for painting
  • Large Paper
  • Lid of a shoebox
  • Empty bottles
  • Sponges
  • Filled water buckets
  • Pretzel sticks or similar
  • Effervescent sticks - sweet
  • Some Tesa rolls
  • Rope to tie the feet
  • Spoon on a string
  • Ruler (15 cm)
  • Clothesline
  • Clothespins

Tasks for 50 Missions – an in- or outdoor game

  1. What is the license plate of (name used)

  2. Bring an object that begins with "Z".

  3. Bring the signatures of two youth workers (or other persons)

  4. Using stones, lay out the name of your group (at least 5 letters).

  5. Go back to the game line and on the game board move three spaces forward

  6. Using newsprint, each child has to tear out an animal

  7. Bring 5 different leaves of trees

  8. Three people from your group to appear in pyjamas

  9. Together sing a song for your youth worker (not “All my ducks”)

  10. Calculate how old you are as a group and write it down.

  11. Move back the double of the last number you have cast

  12. How many steps are there from (give corresponding instructions here)

  13. Bring 3 different shoe-laces (without shoes)

  14. Blow up two balloons on until they burst

  15. Go to the game line and do a puzzle

  16. solves the following riddle:

    • a) Who lives from hand in the mouth?

    • b) What was Peter's profession?

    • c) What is the wolf in the fairy tale, to impersonate the mother of the little kids?

    • d) What is in the middle of Paris

    • e) What is the female deer?

  17. What is the Watchword 2014 and where exactly is it written down?

  18. Bring two pairs of shoes: one in size 40 and one size 44

  19. What is the phone number of (for example, of the youth centre)

  20. Cast the dice again

  21. Get of roll of toilet paper from the youth worker and cover one kid from your team in it

  22. Paint a picture of your group (Self-portraits but recognisable). Paper and colours get it from the youth worker

  23. Writes 10 names beginning with the letter "B."

  24. Bring the object that is referred to in Matthew 24.2

  25. Go to the game leader, where each eats three pretzel sticks. Then whistle.

  26. Set the names of those animals right. Please write down

    • a) EITRG

    • b) SEUMO

    • c) FRAGEIF

    • d) KYDNOE

    • e) PATNEELH

  27. Bring a 20-cent coin with from the year 2002

  28. Four of you drive like a wheelbarrow to the game line

  29. Using a sheet of newspaper, fold a hat for each team member.

  30. When is the birthday of the youngest team member?

  31. Bring 5 natural objects with the following property

    • Something yellow

    • Something hard

    • Something light

    • Something living

    • Something smelly

  32. Fills 1 bottle of water by using a sponge that you carry from the bucket to the bottle.

  33. Using natural materials lay out an image on the lid of a box. When you are finished, the cardboard should be entirely covered.

  34. Together form a human pyramid

  35. Two out of your team perform a wheel and a handstand

  36. Bring your game leader a little refreshment

  37. Take a 2 minutes’ rest

  38. Create a meaningful sentence, containing 6 words that all begin with "A."

  39. Get yourself a little candy from the game line

  40. Everyone get their right foot in the middle, tie all right feet together and then turn around twice like a star.

  41. Bring 5 different socks

  42. Bring three different pieces of rubbish that people have thrown out into nature

  43. Thread a spoon on a cord (available at the game line) through your group

  44. From a newspaper tear a 10-meter-long snake that you stick together with Sellotape

  45. Using paperclips make an 80 cm long snake

  46. Make a total of 30 push-ups (in succession)

  47. Hang 6 pieces of clothes, which you are wearing on a clothesline.

  48. Cast the dices in turns, and count the numbers together until you reach the number 50

  49. Find a blade of grass, which is at least 50 cm long

  50. Tell the youth worker a joke and perform the joke at the same time.

Solutions / Material for Tasks

1. License plate from

6. Newsprint, one sheet for every

12. How many steps of the staircase in front of the church (or another building)

14. Air Balloon (about 10)

15. Puzzle 2 (with equal parts)

16 Solutions: a) dentist, b) Fischer, c Hand with chalk, high pitched voice), d) doe

17. We have no abiding city here but seeking one to come. Hebrews 13:14

19. Tel. No.

21. Rolls of toilet paper, 4 pieces

22 Large paper and wax crayons

24. One stone

25. Pretzel sticks

26. The right animals: a) Tiger b) Mouse c) Giraffe d) Donkey e) Elephant

29. For each one double sheet of newspaper

30. Birthday of the youngest participant

32. 2 empty bottles, filled several buckets of water, sponges

33. Shoebox lid approximately 5x

39. Small candy for each

40. Ropes

43. Spoon on a rope

44. Newspaper sheets for each one, Sellotape, measured line 10 m

45. Paperclips, 80cm-snake

47. Clothesline and clothespins

49. Ruler 40 cm

Provided by Dorothea S.

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