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“60 small Friendship makers”

Here you will find predominantly short games and tasks that are wonderful for a games evening or to end a day of recreation. The games are partly connected with a small cost, however trust me: it is really worth it!


Small notes with the numbers 1-4 written on are prepared in advance. Before starting, each participant picks a note; 1= group 1, 2= group 2 etc… With the notes there is one note per every set of ‘1-4 notes’ on which is written the word ‘captain’. Whoever picks this note is the captain of the group. When we played this game we had approximately 20 people. Thus in each group there were approximately 5 people. The groups then ‘find’ each other and spread out – ideally into the corners of the room.

Game rules:

In total there are approximately 60 small notes on which the numbers 1-60 are written. The number corresponds to the number of the task which is to be completed by the person who has the note. The notes are mixed up and put into a bowl. Group 1 starts: the captain is first to pick a note and shows the number which is written on it.

Each task has various points to be gained depending on ‘difficulty level’. If one completes the task correctly the group receives these points. There are always between 1 and 3 points to be gained.

If the task is completed correctly then the captain picks out the group’s second note. This is done for each group consecutively; once group 4 has had their turn, the next player from group 1 pulls out a note so that each person has at least one turn.

In total each person should have drawn at least 3 notes so that each person has the same number of turns (this works brilliantly with a group of 20)

Special rules:

Each group has precisely one chance to let the captain complete the task on their behalf e.g. player X picks task 38, but does not wish to undertake it, then the group can delegate this task to the captain instead.

If this has already been used and someone still does not want to do a task then the group simply forfeits a point for the uncompleted task.

Variation: as additional difficulty one can incorporate the rule that a task can be delegated to a different group. Then this group has to complete the task or one person out of the group. If the group solves the task they receive the specified number of points. If the group does not manage to do the task successfully then the group initially passed on the task receives double the specified points.

The tasks:

The tasks are not written in any particular order; they are randomly picked anyway (the probability that the numbers 1-60 are selected consecutively in the correct order is very small)

For the following games I use symbols for each player (player A, player B, player C…). The game leader can decide on this before the start of the game (e.g. player A = Sven. Player B = Anna, player C = Thorsten…)

Let’s go!

  1. Everyone in the group has to hug ‘player A’ for 30 seconds (1 Point)

  2. Kisses ‘Player B’ on the forehead (3x)! (2 Points)

  3. Take your shoes off and let everyone in the group have a sniff! (2 Points)

  4. Sit with your back towards the playing field! (2 Points)

  5. Take your socks off and put them on your head (keep them here until it is you’re groups turn again)! (2 Points)

  6. Wrap a blanket around yourself and lie on the floor; now everyone from group 4 lies on top of you. (3 Points)

  7. Imitate Dieter Bohlen and name ‘Player C’ 5 reasons why he/she does not have what it takes to be the American Idol superstar. (2 Points)

  8. Hang for 4 minutes on ‘Player D’s’ legs. (2 Points)

  9. Hang for 4 minutes on ‘Player E’s’ leg (2 Points)

  10. Stand up 3x (at random) during the round and shout “The Russians are here!” crawling under the table! (2 Points)

  11. Stand on a chair (or corner bench) and strike an unusual pose…(pause)…now stand like this for 2 minutes! (3 Points)

  12. Try not to laugh in the next 20 seconds (the other group should try to make you laugh somehow (gestures, mimes; touching is not allowed)! (3 Points)

  13. Sit down like an elephant for the next round and occasionally say “Trummp”! (2 Points)

  14. Sing a solo song for 30 seconds! (3 Points)

  15. In the next 3 minutes you are only allowed to say the following phrases (each phrase has to be said at least once): (3 Points)
    “Player F is the best“
    “Somehow I feel like……“
    “It smells like bacon here”

  16. The player who picks this number is blind folded and spun around in circles…then has to point towards their group (everyone has to remain quiet)! (2 Points)

  17. Shake ‘Player G’s’ hand and tell him/her in a romantic way: (3 Points)
    “You have the most beautiful eyes in the world and I like it when your hair is long, tiger!”

  18. Each player in your group has to kiss ‘Player H’ 1x on the nose! (2 Points)

  19. For the next round do not use your hands (perhaps tie them behind your back)! (2 Points)

  20. Let everyone in the room spank you on the back-side with a cooking spoon! (3 Points)

  21. Let ‘Player I’ tickle you’re feet! (2 Points)

  22. Suck your thumb for the next round! (2 Points)

  23. Pinch ‘Player J’s’ cheeks and tell him/her what a sweet and lovely boy/girl they are! (1 Point)

  24. Let ‘Player K’ sit on your lap for 2 minutes!(2 Points)

  25. Pull your shirt over your head and stay seated like this for the next round! (2 Points)

  26. Let each person from group 3 flick your ears! (3 Points)

  27. Ask each person 1x in group 2 if they will ‘go out with you’ (3 Points)

  28. Tell a ‘bad’ joke! (3 Points)

  29. Tell a funny joke! (2 Points)

  30. Using two lighter participants do 5 ‘weight lifts’ with each person (or simply lift up 5 xs)! (3 Points)

  31. Stand in the middle of the room and dance a really silly dance for 30 seconds!(3 Points)

  32. Say 3 phrases in regular intervals which are not related to anything e.g. “why does it no longer rain sheep?” (2 Points)

  33. For 1 minute only look at ‘Player L’! (1 Point)

  34. Imitate Edmund Stoiber for this round (gestures, facial expressions, speech & behaviour) and contradict and criticise everything that is currently being said! (3 Points)

  35. Do as many push ups as there are chairs in the room! (3 Points)

  36. For the next round you can not speak rather have to mime anything that you want to say! (2 Points)

  37. Name 10 reasons why ‘Player M’ should be chosen as Mr or Miss Universe! (2 Points)

  38. Let ‘Player N’ tickle you through and through! (3 Points)

  39. You are blindfolded and given a massage… guess from whom! (3 Points)

  40. Burp loudly (drinking water is permitted)! (2 Points)

  41. (Eyes blindfolded) Guess what is being given to you to eat [spoon full of spices: oregano, curry, paprika…] (2 Points)

  42. Count up with your group 5 countries whose national flags only contain the colours white and red!
    (Japan, Switzerland, Denmark, Poland…) (3 Points)

  43. Name 10 reasons why ‘Player O’ is your biggest idol! (2 Points)

  44. Try to eat a whole banana in 30 seconds! (3 Points)

  45. Look ‘Player P’ in the eyes for 20 seconds without laughing! (3 Points)

  46. Ruffle up ‘Player Q’s’ hair! (1 Point)

  47. Try and sneeze within the next minute! (3 Points)

  48. Let everyone from your group sniff your armpits once! (2 Points)

  49. Stand on your chair for this round! (1 Point)

  50. Stand in one corner of the room, then two lighter participants hold onto your legs; try to walk to the other side of the room within one minute! (2 Points)

  51. In one minute collect these objects (ensure that they are available to find in the first place!): (3 Points)
    - Spoon
    - a book
    - Bottle of ketchup/mustard
    - a candle

  52. For this next round you are in a Donner Kebab shop with low takings: As the game continues around you, during this round try and sell your Donner kebabs and explain to people why… (2 Points)

  53. Name 3 sport types that are not Olympic!(3 Points)

  54. For this round imagine you are a grumpy Gardner who has to mow the (imaginary) lawn in the room. Occasionally swear! (2 Points)

  55. Stand on a table with your back towards the others and then fall backwards; now everyone from your group and from one other group has to catch you (trust game)! (3 Points)

  56. Nibble ‘Player R’s’ a little! (2 Points)

  57. (Eyes blindfolded) Feel whoever is in front of you! Player ‘S’ stands in front) (3 Points)

  58. (Eyes blindfolded) 5 people stand in front of the player in a row. On cue from the game leader these 5 people should say “La”. The Player has to guess which 5 people are standing in front of him! (3 Points)

  59. (Eyes blindfolded) ‘Smell’ the following three things! (3 Points)
    (Salt, Ketchup, Mustard, Pepper, Sparkling water…)

  60. With your team name 10 national flags which contain the colour green amongst other colours! (3 Points)
    (Italy, Brazil, Jamaica, Portugal, Mexico, India, Iran, Ireland, Togo, Zimbabwe, Hungary…)

After all the games the points are counted and the winning group is announced. If two or more groups have the same number of points there is a tie break: The captains of the respective groups sit opposite one another and look each other in the eyes. Whoever manages to stare the longest without laughing wins, along with the rest of the group.

Of course prizes can then also be awarded (gummy bears, biscuits etc…)

Sent in by Andreas Baamann

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