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Agent 00X – On her majesty’s service

Briefing for 00X agents:

Since his last mission in a fight against a Mafia clan, 007 is missing without a trace and cannot be found. However before he went missing, he left some microfilm slides in his apartment. Your task as 00X agent is to bring the microfilms safely to headquarters so that they can be examined by specialists. In you mission, utmost care is required.

Briefing for Mafia:

A few days ago we managed to abduct 007 in bring him into our custody. Unfortunately some microfilms which were used by us, have been left at an unknown place. The British secret service will probably try to get them into the headquarters. It is your task to observe the British agents, to find the microfilms and to transport them into our hideout.

  • Each agent / Mafia-Pate receives a life band which is attached to an ID card.
  • The agents try to transport the microfilms to the headquarters while the Mafia tries to steal them and bring them into their own hideout.
  • Each player is only allowed to take one microfilm with them.
  • The players are only allowed to move around if they have a fully intact ID card. If a player has a damaged ID card or no card at all, they must collect a new one at the stronghold.
  • Agents and godfathers may remove each others ID cards. Stolen ID cards are to be handed in at the end of the game. If a player has lost all or a part of his ID card, he must give any microfilms in his possession to the other player.


The apartment, headquarters and the Mafia hideout are the three points of a triangle.

Scores at the end of the game:

  • 3 points per microfilm
  • 1 point per ID card


  • One member of staff is required in the apartment, headquarters and Mafia hideout.


  • Life bands ID cards Microfilm

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