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Agent game


  • Guard of the “International Community of the Secret Service”
  • Special agent = employee of the mini groups
  • Agents = Kids
  • Uranium smuggler = unknown staff member


Someone has stolen uranium from a nuclear reactor. Uranium is a basic product for the construction of an atomic bomb. The “International Community of the Secret Service” was able to establish the place of the uranium swap -- the hometown of the players. Although nobody knows who is behind this operation. And so each country sends out their secret agents. They cannot trust anybody.


(Each leader tells his mini group (3-4 kids) the following: The Minister for Safety has given us the following task:

  • Find the uranium and bring it to the basic station (group room)
  • Discover and expose other agents from other countries (other groups)
  • Be aware that nobody exposes you.


Catch the smuggler of the uranium and bring it back to safety; expose other groups.


The children have a sheet of paper on their back with a four-digit number and a flag, of their country, on their stomach. This number is the agent’s ID number and they should protect it. A player is exposed, if another player from another group knows the ID number.

The players are not allowed to touch other players. They can only find out the numbers of other players by spying on them.

  • Goal 1 is reached, if…

    … the group exposes another group. The group needs to find out the ID and the country the group belongs to.

    Than they have to go to the leader of “International Community of the Secret Service” and tell him/her the information.

    The leader notes down the information (the country of the team that exposes another team). For each agent the group gets a point. If a group can expose another group completely, they are awarded special points.

  • Goal 2 is reached, if...

    … the group can expose the smugglers of the uranium and take it off from them. (The smuggler needs as many goods as groups available). To find the smuggler they have to observe the area carefully. He/she acts strange.

    If the group can expose many other players, they also reduce the circle of suspects. And for every exposed player they get a hint about the previous whereabouts of the smuggler (just the like the board game Mister X). Of course, this is agreed in advance or coordinated between the game leader and the smuggler by mobile phone/radio.


  • For each exposed agent: 10 points
  • For each exposed special agent: 20 points
  • For each exposed team: 10 points
  • For the smuggler and the uranium: 100 points

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