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Asterix and Obelix and the magic potion

This role play game was developed by the ministers and youths of the St.Kunigunde in Uttenreuth and played on a summer camp. The preparation involved in this game really was a lot of work and it would be a shame if it were only played once. For this reason, the ministry youths sent in the game so that it helps lots of other groups to prepare interesting adventure and role play games.


In this role play game the group leaders represent certain characters. The children must perform different tasks at the different stations or where the youth leaders are positioned and they then get different objects. They must trade these objects in for other objects or for a piece of important information or a clue


The goal and the group’s job are to find the ingredients for a Miraculix magic potion. The problem is that the Romans have built a new camp beside the village and have emptied the magic potion. This is why Majestix send the Gaels off to collect the ingredients for Miraculix (of the druids) which he no longer has available. Once all of the ingredients have been collected the kids receive a glass of magic potion (children’s punch) in order to be strengthened up for the following deeds (e.g. another station game).

Playing area:

A wooded area where the different stations can be set up approx. 100-300 meters from each other is ideal.


All of the stations and the materials required should be set up before the start of the game. The running of events, the tasks and the order of play is explained to each member of staff/group leaders.


The druid tells the group that he does not the time to collect the ingredients for the magic potion himself. This means that the group is handed the recipe for the magic potion right at the beginning. In a nearby wood (=playing area) there are different people/stations (game stations each with a group leader). There are tasks to fulfil or the players can trade in a certain object for a piece of information or a new object. Which object can be won or which objects the person would like to receive is not revealed. The group can only find out which objects are to be found by listening to clues, tips and rumours. Sometimes they will have to ask directly for information.

Go into the nearby woods (describe the playing area exactly) and find the ingredients for yourselves. Only one group is allowed to visit a station at any one time. The others may have to wait a little while.


  • Mistletoe
  • 1 blue lapizie
  • 2 large bay leaves
  • The bone of a wild pig
  • 1 goblet full of red wine
  • Lion’s fur
  • 1 eagle’s feather
  • Woodruff
  • A stirring spoon

Station staff:

  • 2 wardens
  • Druids
  • Majestix
  • Roman soldiers
  • Falballa
  • Fortune tellers
  • Wurstifix
  • The dealers from Lutetia
  • The fish dealers from Verleihnix
  • Blacksmith

Running of events:

(only give this information to the station leaders and not to the groups).

The bone of a wild pig

At the fortune tellers: Tip that there is work in the kitchen Kitchen: Solve a task Spoon, lunch package for Wurstifix Game: Sausage game The bone of a wild pig

Wine = red towel

Soldier: „Hey, do you want to play?“ Win or lose three times Lutetische coins Dealers Wine = red towel

Woodruff – Hair conditioner

Falballas: Game: Fetching cats out of the tree Handkerchief Roman soldier A rose for Falballa Woodruff – Hair conditioner

Lion’s fur

At the fortune tellers: Tip on where to find the lion’s cave Lion’s cave Pull some fur from the sleeping lion’s mane Lion’s fur

Eagle’s feather

Glasses from the wine dealers Falballa: A broken chain Blacksmith repairs it Cfor Wurstifix´ wife fishing rod Fish dealers: Fish Fortune teller Eagle’s feather


Blacksmith: Key Falballa: Mandarins Wurstifix: Voucher dealer: Marbles Soldier: Joke Fish dealers: Salt

Fish dealers: Jewels Blacksmith: Sickle Salt + Sickle Dealers: Mistletoe

Bay leaves

Wurstifix: Bait Fish dealers: Tangled net Soldier: Collection note Blacksmith: Collect water weapons + gold nuggets Wine dealers: Bay leaves


Weapon Soldier: Fish hooks Fish dealers: Beer Wurstifix: 3 words/poem Falballa: Lapizie

Stations, people and tasks


Preparing the station:

  • Cuddly toy cats hidden in trees which can be climbed
  • Handkerchiefs
  • Dress/skirt ? pretty Gaelic lady (blonde if possible)


  • If a group comes by:

    If someone comes past: „Could you perhaps help me to save my cat? She has climbed up that tree“.
    Handkerchief „thank you for your help. You can have this handkerchief for your kindness. Lots of men would like to own it but I will give to you to say thank you. “

  • If a group brings a rose which they received from a soldier:

    Rose from a soldier: „Oh, thank you for this beautiful rose – that it very kind of you! Unfortunately I do not much to give you take this. “
    Woodruff „maybe you can find a use for my old woodruff hair conditioner. “

  • If a group brings a glass which they got from a dealer:

    Dealer’s glass: „Thank you, I have been waiting for this glass for so long. “
    Broken chain „take this as a token of my thanks, you can repair the chain at the blacksmiths. “

  • If a group brings a key:

    Key: „Super – you have found my key! “
    Mandarin „I can give you a mandarin. A few vitamins will help you with your future heroic acts ;)! “

  • If a group recites a poem: (The group got the tip from Wurstfix).

    Recite a poem: „That is sweet of you. “
    Lapizie „pick a flower from my garden – there is no flower more beautiful than the blue Lapizien! “

(Wine-) dealers

Preparing the station:

  • Make a sign for „Lutetia“
  • Mark large glasses with the words “goods”
  • Set up a stand (=bar table)


  • If a group comes past:

    If someone comes past: „Hey, could you run an errand for me? Falballa is bound to pay you if you bring this glass to him. He ordered it weeks ago but I have not found the time to bring it to him. “

  • If a group comes past with a lutetischen coin, which they won in a game with a soldier, and want to buy something:

    Lutetische coins: „No, the bay leaves are too expensive; you would have to buy three times as much! But I do have a good red wine in stock which you can have a glass of! Ah, you even have a goblet with you...“
    Red wine (=red scarf)

  • If a group comes along with a silver or gold nugget (received from the blacksmith):

    Silver or gold nuggets: “Well now things look at bit different... You can now choose the nicest bay leaves I have in exchange“
    2 Bay leaves

  • If a group comes with a voucher (received from Wurstfix):

    Voucher: „here are my best Marbles, lots of soldiers enjoy spending time with it. “
    3 Marbles

  • If a group comes along with salt (received from the fish dealers):

    Salt: „That really is good quality. You can have a sprig of mistletoe in exchange, but you will a Sickle! “

  • If a group with salt (received from the fish dealers), as well as a Sickle (from the blacksmiths) comes:

    Sickle + salt: „That really is good quality. You can cut a sprig of mistletoe in exchange. And you have brought a Sickle along as well! “

Fortune tellers

Preparing the station:

  • Nest with a hidden eagle’s feather
  • List of the groups, everyone is allowed to ask four times (the first two tips should always be first)


  • If a group comes along with fish (received from the fish dealers):

    Fish: „I see... that you need an Eagle’s will find one up there in the nest...“

  • If a group comes along and has not posed 4 questions, the fortune teller gives them a tip.

    The fortune teller gives tips for the first two questions „ask for work in the kitchen“, as well as „the location of the lion’s den“. The other tips are dependent upon the things the group is carrying with them.

    • Ask for work in the kitchen
    • Location of the lion’s den
    • If they have a handkerchief: The soldiers like Falballa
    • If they have a coin: buy something nice for yourselves, a glass of wine for example
    • If they have repaired a chain: Wurstifix has had an argument with his wife. He is bound to need a present to say sorry.
    • If they have mandarins Wurstifix loves citrus fruits
    • If they own a key: Falballa has lost her key

Roman soldiers

Preparing the station:

  • Dice beakers + game
  • Marble game
  • Joke


  • If a group walks past:

    If someone walks past: „Hey, do you want to play a game? “ (Win or lose 3 times)
    Coins here take this because you have kept me amused for a while

  • If a group comes along with a handkerchief (received from Falballa):

    Handkerchief: „bring this beautiful woman a rose as a thank you from me“

  • If a group comes past with a tangled net (received from the fish dealers):

    Tangled net: „I would love to help you but I need a sword. I have ordered one form the blacksmith, could you please pick it up for me. “
    Collection note

  • If a group comes past with a sword (received from the blacksmith):

    Fish hooks „it got caught up in the net - bring it back to the fish dealers – he is sure to be grateful! “

  • If a group comes along with Marbles (received from the wine dealer):

    Marbles: „I know a game with Marbles; do you want to play a round with me?
    Joke „because you have spent time amusing me, I will tell you my favourite joke! “

Butcher Wurstifixine

Preparing the station:

  • A rope with sausages
  • Space for the children to write, if required
  • Direction sign


  • If a group comes past:

    If someone comes past: „Could you please bring this Bait to Verleihnix for me? “

  • If a group comes past with a lunch box (received from the kitchen):

    Lunch box: „Ah, I can finally try out the new salamis... Do you want to use up the old salami? I know a great game (snapping for sausages) “
    Wild pig bones „Didn’t the druid send you off in hunt of the ingredients for a magic potion? Take these qild pig bones with you, he usually needs one of those.”

  • If a group comes past with a repaired chain (repaired by the blacksmith):

    Repaired chain: “That is a beautiful piece...tell me, yould you give it to me for my wife? You can have my old fishing rod in exchange.”
    Fishing rod

  • If a group comes along with mandarins (received from Falballa):

    Mandarins: “I love mandarins!”
    Voucher “you can waste a bit of time with that.”

  • If a group comes along with beer (received from the fish dealers):

    Cervisia: “Oh, I could make a fantastic Bierschinken with that.”
    3 words, paper and pen “I will show you something useful in life! Do you know what every woman loves? A self written poem! Think up a poem containing these words and then show it to me!” (Check the poem, if it is Schmarrn make them write it again!)
    Note: “You will impress every woman with that, try it out with Falballa, the village beauty, sie wird sich bestimmmt erkenntlich zeigen!”

Blacksmith Haudraufwienix

Preparing the station:

  • Direction sign „ Blacksmiths Haudraufwienix“
  • 4 buckets for fetching water (2 per group)
  • Nearby: Access to a water source
  • Wire for repairing the chain


  • If a group comes by:

    If someone walks past „are you passing through the village? I have found this key, maybe you can find out who it belongs to. “

  • If a group comes along with jewels (received from the fish dealers):

    Jewels: „you can decorate beautiful weapons with those. “
    Sickle „take this Sickle as a reward”.

  • If a group comes with a collection note (received from Wurstfix):

    Collection note: „Yes, the sword is almost finished but I have run out of cold water. You must fetch some for me otherwise the steel will not harden. “
    2 empty buckets Water game: Fetch water with the bucket: „Super, now I can work again! “
    Silver nugget „Thank you for taking over the hard work for me! “
    Sword „here is the weapon. “

  • If a group comes with a broken chain (received from Falballa):

    A broken chain: „Hey, what have you done with it? It looks totally wrecked... but we will soon fix it! “
    Repaired chain

Fish dealers Verleihnix

Preparing the station:

  • A bucket with muddy water
  • Direction sign


  • If a group comes past:

    If someone comes past: „Could you help me? Five valuable jewels of mine have fallen into this puddle, would you fish them out for me? I have sore muscles in my back from fishing. “
    2 jewels „because you pulled the jewels out for me, you can have two of them as a reward. “

  • If a group comes along with a fishing rod (received by Wurstfix):

    Fishing rod: „Oh, you have a fishing rod for me! “
    Fish „here take one of my fish. I am sure to catch dozens with my fishing rod! “

  • If a group comes with bait (received from Wurstfix):

    Bait: „Could you do me a favour? My best fishing hooks have gotten caught up in the net; bring it to the young Romans. They will get the hooks out and then you can bring it back to me! “
    Tangled net

  • If a group comes with fish hooks (received from a Roman solider):

    Fish hooks: „super, now I can go fishing again. “
    Beer „A small refreshment for you“

  • If a group comes along with a super joke (told by a Roman soldier):

    Joke: „Ha ha. I haven’t heard such a good joke in a long time!! “
    Salt „Take this. It is the best salt you can get in this area! “


Preparing the station:

A cuddly toy (or a group leader dressed up as a lion) with a lion’s mane tied on it is hidden well somewhere in the woods
pull out some of the lion’s fur. The children must find the lion (and capture him) and pull out some of his fur.


Preparing the station:

  • Prepare some lunch boxes
  • Keep the tasks ready (cleaning, clearing up, collection rubbish etc.)


The children must ask for WORK themselves: after a task is performed the group receives
a lunch box for everyone, a spoon , as well as a Lunch box for the butcher, Wurtstifix.



Majestix is the chief supervisor. He explains the game and helps out at any point in the game when the players get stuck.

List of materials:

For the recipe:

  • Mistletoe per group
  • 1 blue Lapizie per group
  • 2 large bay leaves per group
  • A piece of pig’s bone per group
  • 1 goblet of red wine per group (1 red scarf)
  • Lion’s fur per group
  • 1 eagle’s feather per group
  • Woodruff per group
  • A stirring spoon per group

For the stations:

  • 1 lunch box per person
  • Cuddly toy cats for hiding in the trees
  • Cardboard signs as direction signs
  • Glasses
  • Beer tables
  • Marbles, 3 for each group
  • Wire for repairing the chain
  • One chain per group
  • Salt pretzels or sausages for the “sausage snapping game”
  • Lutetische coins “chocolate coin” per group
  • Lion’s fur (yellow wool), cuddly toy lions (or similar)
  • Fishing rod per group
  • Fishing hooks per group
  • Tangled net (old curtain) per group
  • Fish (cut out paper fish) per group
  • Keys per group
  • Mandarins per group
  • A voucher per group
  • Salt per group
  • Jewels (glass pearls) per group
  • Sickle per group
  • Bait for fishing per group
  • Collection note per group
  • 2 water buckets
  • Pieces of silver of gold (stones sprayed with gold or silver paint) per group.
  • Beer (or similar) per group
  • Paper and pens

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