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Asterix and the Romans

Asterix and the Romans is a game that lasts the whole day. It is split into various sections starting from a chariot race, a run, the construction of a camp, the search for the druid, and finally a big evening meal. You need a lot of employee’s with creativity, spontaneity and wit.


Time Topic Employees
During/ Before the breakfast "Whole Gaul…" All
10.30 The speaker explains everything 1
10.35 The house of the crazy guys 15
11.15 Chariot race 5
11.30, 40, 50, 00, 10, 20, 30…12.40 Beginning of the run 11
13.00-14.00 Lunch at the Roman camp 4 Zenturios
14.00-16.00 Construction of the camp All
16.15 Meeting and appearance of the seer Liarfix 1
16.45 Find druids 0
17.00 Bring the druids to the seer. He decides that each camp is allowed to ask him three questions. 0
17.25 All people are called together. Shortly afterwards the employees attack the camp. all
  1. "Whole Gaul…"

    All people wake up in “the house of the crazy guys“. Before breakfast the introductions of each Asterix book are read out. We sit in the wrong direction on our chairs, while we eat our meal. The employees are running around and are saying weird stuff.

  2. "The house of the crazy guys"

    We start the game at the house of the crazy guys. The kids want to be drivers in a chariot run. Before they can begin the race they need the pass “A38”. In pairs of two they have 30 minutes to search for the pass. The passes are in 8 different colours and each colour has 6 copies. After thirty minutes the passes are given out in a certain order

  3. Chariot race

    There is a huge chariot race in the coliseum. The winner of this race wins a trip to Gaul. They have to organise the route by themselves. Chariot race: You need 2 wheelbarrows. Two players hold it blindfolded and two other players lead them. The winner of the chariot race is sent further.

  4. Station game

    The Romans win the trip to Gaul. Therefore they use a galley. During the trip they pass different stations and solve the tasks in order to find their way to Gaul.

    Britain Rugby 2 employees
    America Gubbel- Gubbel catching:
    An Indian gives the player the instruction to catch a bird. The Gubbelgubbel is a strange bird (a dresses employee). The children have to catch him.
    2 employees
    Egypt Pyramid- Tabaluga-game
    The game: In the show "Tabaluga tivi" there is a challenge with a frozen lake. This lake consists of honeycombs that blink and show the children the right way to cross. The players have to remind this way because after a certain time the honeycombs stop to blink. If a player makes a step he/she is caught out. The right way leads them out of the pyramid.
    1 employee
    Switzerland Towel test at the honourer of the peak.
    This is a fun station. In the magazine “Asterix conquers Rome”, Asterix and Obelix are at the top of Mount Olympus and search for the honourer of the peak.
    He tells them a riddle and warns them: If they are not able to solve the riddle, an abyss is opened up and they fall in.
    Asterix, who is blindfolded, has to figure out which towel is washed with “Olympia”. Olympia the fabric softener of the Gods.
    1 employee
    The isle of temptation Apple ring grabbing 1 employee
    Pirates Robbery 2 employees
    The East Do a rain dance 1 employee
    The isle of rejuvenation Evolution game backwards 1 employee
  5. 5. Lunch

  6. Construction of the camp

    After they have reached Gaul, the Romans construct their camps: Smallbonum, Laudanum, Babaorum, and Aquarium. Each group constructs one camp.

    You get the goods for the camp at the Gaul village. You meet well known characters: Asterix, Obelix, Idefix, Miraculix, Trubadix, Majestix with two carriers, Goodmien, Methusalix and his Alde, Verleihnix, Hitlikenobodyelse und Alcoholix.

    The groups go to Majestix who tells them where they get their materials (or points). To earn money they have to do certain tasks.

    For example: The can go to Hitlikenobodyelse, where they nail as many nails as possible into a tree-trunk. Use your creativity.

    Asterix Wood
    Obelix Disguises
    Hitlikenobodyelse Tools
    Alde Materials and tarpaulin
    Alcoholix Drinks (Cervisia)

    Everyday life is played in the village with fights, bad songs by Troubadix and other things. The kids can also play each figure and perform tasks, for which they are awarded points.

    Each camp is attacked by the Gauls (the leaders) every now and again. The attack is relatively unplanned: the Gauls simply try to clear the camp and take people captive. The game is mainly led by the spontaneous actions of the leaders who keep things entertaining and keep the game on the right path.

  7. Meeting and appearance by the seer „Liarfix”

    When all of the camps have been built, there is meeting to discuss the best ways of conquering the Gauls. The seer suddenly appears and tells the groups about the secret of the druids.

  8. Find the druids

    Each camp tries to find the druids and bring them into the camp. They try to get the druids to talk while the Gauls cover the camp in water and flour.

  9. Brings the druids to the seer

    He decides that each camp is allowed to ask the druids 3 questions.

  10. End:

    The Gauls give a party and the Romans are invited, too. Evening meal / barbecue


1 speaker Rhetorus Before breakfast
16 public officer Apple sauce, Grapefruit, Fidibus, Gibtermine (Secretary), Saintluisblus, Volfgangamadeus, Crazfus, Speculatius, Handzumgrus, Claudius Handcus, Strategus, Crassus Vampus, Nosalsannoyance, Omnibus, Amnesias (very forgetful), Confusing The house of the crazy guys
5 employees Chariot race
11 employees Stations
4 employees Bacillus peanut, Tullius glaze, Graccus aversion, Unlessus, stoveout Roman camp


  • Food colouring
  • Passes in eight different colours, 7 per item
  • Blindfold, dishcloth
  • Rugby/Ball
  • Apple rings (candy)
  • Cord
  • Nails
  • Wood
  • Tools
  • Water bombs
  • Flour
  • Cervisia (lukewarm tea)
  • Fire - Methusalix
  • Dummy

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