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Battle of the sexes

Preparation time: 15 Minutes
No. players: from 2x6
Duration: 1.5 hours
Material cost: high
Age: 12+
Location: indoors
Season: any
Activity level: medium
Materials: points paper x as circle, rubber animals, 10 yes/no questions, phrases to draw, jeopardy + questions, songs to hum to, chain calculation questions, ball, straws, blank paper for category task, blindfold, 2 ropes, egg, disgusting sandwich
Aim: Fun, games, show
Summary: A games evening in the form of a show; battle of the sexes – boys against girls, girls against boys.


This game is suitable as a show night. In the afternoon the children have to decide on 3 categories, and hand in an anonymous piece of paper with their chosen categories written in order of preference. The categories available are: knowledge, skill and action.

Game idea and process

  • The game ides is similar to “Schlag den Raab (Beat Raab)”, but between the sexes.
  • Groups are formed – separated by gender of course: boys vs. girls.
  • At the beginning of each round the category is announced (knowledge, skill and action), then the group helpers call out the names of the children that have to play (bearing in mind the preferences given by the children)
  • The game is explained and then carried out.
  • The number of points available depends on the number of players (like in ‘Beat Raab’).
  • Whoever has the most points at the end, wins.

  1. Skill/Dexterity:

    Identify rubber/play Mobil animals through touch (one candidate per group)

  2. Knowledge:

    Yes/No quiz: there is a ‘Yes’ chair and a ‘No’ chair. The group helper says a statement e.g. “Today it has a rained all day”, depending on whether or not the statement is true or not, the children have to sit on the respective chair as quickly as possible ( one candidate per group).

  3. Action:

    Sit-ups and feeding Quark: One child has to do sit-ups; another child feeds them Quark whenever they raise their head. Who will be first to finish the bowl of Quark? (Two candidates per group)

  4. Skill/Dexterity

    Blind drawing – the OTHER group has to guess what has been drawn, if correct they receive a point.

  5. Knowledge:

    Jeopardy (see below): Placards with the categories- Bible, biology, geography, sport, music. Group votes on which category they want to answer – group helpers pose questions – if the answer is correct, the group receives the same amount of points as the question number (e.g. if a group chooses Bible 20 and answers correctly, they receive 20 points) ( the entire group takes part in this game).

  6. Action:

    One person hums a tune – the own group has to guess (one candidate per group)

  7. Skill:

    Obstacle course with a ball balanced on a spoon (one candidate per group)

  8. Knowledge:

    Chain calculations; who will be first to find the answer? (54/9*6/6+6/2*9 etc.) (one candidate per group).

  9. Action:

    Empty a drink whilst lying back and through a straw (one candidate per group)

  10. Skill:

    Rope-skipping – who can do it for the longest? (One candidate per group)

  11. Action:

    Eat a disgusting sandwich – who can eat a nasty-filled sandwich in the shortest time? (4 candidates per group)

  12. Action:

    Pass a raw egg through the clothes from top to bottom (two candidates per group; one to ‘pass the egg’ through, and another on whom the egg is being passed)

Jeopardy - Game plan

Bible Biology Geography Sport Music
5 5 5 5 5
10 10 10 10 10
20 20 20 20 20

List of Questions

5 In which city was Jesus born? (Bethlehem)
10 Who condemned Jesus to his death? (Pontius Pilate)
20 Which disciple could not believe that Jesus was alive again? (Thomas)
5 What is the only European lizard without legs? (Slow worm)
10 Which fruit grows on the larges trees (Banana)
20 Which substance is composed of the shells of beetles and crabs? (Chitin)
5 Which coloured house stands in Washington’s Pennsylvania Avenue? (The White-house)
10 What is the hardest material? (Diamond)
20 What type of passport to the inhabitants of the Azores? (A Portuguese passport)
5 Where does an athlete land after a reverse somersault? (In water)
10 Which sport is a combination of football, horse-riding and golf? (Polo)
20 In which country did the football world cup take place in 1970? (Mexico)
5 Whose abbreviation BSB? (Backstreet Boys)
10 Who sang the title song of Titanic? (Celine Dion)
20 Whose album had the most world-wide sales? (Michael Jackson)

Sent in by Carina W.

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