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Beach Party

Sent in by Damaris K. This game was played with 90 children.


6 groups, each 15 people

Island names: Palm Beach, Miami Beach, Waikiki Beach, Venice Beach, Malibu Beach, Long Beach

Each island group sits on its own large blue mat, which are distributed throughout the room. Of course, it would be great if every mat was decorated correspondingly with palm trees, etc.


The whole gym is decorated with summer and beach accessories (diving goggles, swimsuits, tires, lilacs, palm trees, Hawaii flowers, etc.) You can only enter in beach disguise!


Summer and beach songs, this is supposed to be a party!


The panel consists of youth works, who are disguised according to the summer slogan. The board is running with an inflatable boat through the hall while singing "He’s got a bright red rubber boat." Then they sit on their jury sun loungers and are served cocktails.


  1. Pacific typhoon brings Snowstorm to the islands

    Snowballs, made from newspaper are distributed to all islands. Each team now has to try to get rid of the snowballs by throwing them on another island without leaving the mat. The winner is, who after 8 minutes has the fewest snowballs on their island. This team receives 20 points.

    Material: Many newspapers, stopwatch, whistle

  2. Beach fashion show

    Who is the new Beach Model? Each team is required to choose one volunteer and to put together a great beach outfit. They have 5 minutes to accomplish this. The model then comes down the catwalk. The jury decides the winner regarding outfit and catwalk performance. The winner receives 20 points.

    Material: trim box, decor, catwalk: concatenated tables, music!

  3. Beach Gym

    Each team chooses one volunteer who is good at guessing. All the other teams come together as one big group. Now they are shown different terms, which they have to present as a group with the help of pantomime. No words or sounds are allowed. The team of the kid who guesses the term first receives 10 points.

    Material (Different terms): sunscreen, life buoy, lighthouse, great white shark, sailboat, palm, towel, sunglasses, cyclone, captain, fishing, island, diving, surfing, rowing boat, diving goggles, beach umbrella, ice, etc.

  4. A colourful beach evening

    Each team, which contributes to the social event of a colourful beach evening receives 50 points.

  5. Word salad (gibberish) on the beach

    Each island group must try to create as many as possible word chains in one minute. Example: sandy beach, beach chair, etc.

    Material: 6 sheets + 6 pins

  6. Water-ski/bathers relay course

    Two teams at a time compete against each other. The objective is, to put on as quickly as possible gloves, goggles, swimming trunks and flippers, etc. and then quickly run back to the team. As soon as he arrives there, he needs to undress, and the next kid gets a go. This continues until each kid of the team had a go. The jury times the teams. The winner is who gets through the team the fastest.

    Material: 2x gloves, goggles, swimsuit, swim fins, stopwatch, hat, stumbling blocks

  7. Message in a bottle

    Each team receives certain terms and now has to write a thriller, a love story or a comedy in 5 minutes. Next, each team has to read their story out loud. The jury rewards the best story with 50 points.

    Material (Terms): Squeaky duck, lifebuoy, SpongeBob Mushroom Head, pretzel, rowboat, nutshell, sunburn, the name of an employee, tuba, candle, knife, rats, bathtub, grains of sand, sea urchins, umbrella. Paper and pen.

  8. Award ceremony presented by the jury as one big Beach Party

    Material (Price): Bounties, candies, soda, “mock-tails”, snacks such as fruit skewers, etc. enough to cater for all.

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