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To Blox-Mountain with Witch Lilofee

Preparation time: 5 Minutes
No. players: 6+
Duration: 1 hour
Material cost: medium
Age: 6+
Location: indoors
Season: any
Activity level: medium
Materials: Parcel rope, spoons, wool, pencil, notes, corks, matchsticks, sandwich bags
Goal: Fun and games
Summary: A games evening in autumn with a theme of witches, magic and Walpurgis Night


This games evening is suitable in autumn or for a theme of witches and magic.

  1. The space on my right is free

    Background: Witch invites her best friends

  2. ABC

    Background: the witch needs ingredients for a magic potion

    For each letter of the alphabet bring an object)

  3. Poor black tom-cat

    Background: The tom-cat Cosmo wants to cuddle otherwise he becomes defiant

    A ‘tom-cat’ stands on all fours in the middle of the circle and chooses a child from the circle to go to. The ‘cat’ should try to convince the child to laugh using words, mimes and gestures. The child should say “poor black cat” three times and then stroke the tom cat on the head – only then should the cat soften. During this no-one should laugh. Whoever laughs becomes the tom-cat in the middle.

  4. Three legged race

    Background: The witch has ‘enchanted’ the neighbours child

    Two children stand next to each other, the two inner legs are tied together – hence 2 children, 3 legs.

  5. Spoon-thread game

    Background: on the dark flight to Blox-mountain on Walpurgis Night, we have to secure each other.

    The children stand in squadrons, the first person begins by pulling a spoon attached to a thread through their left sleeve (from the outside in, then through the middle and out through the right hand sleeve; this continues with the next person).

  6. Whisper messages are drawn/drawing-on-the-back relay

    Background: The head witch is giving a speech, the young witches are not allowed to disturb by talking so they have to use signals.

    The children sit in relays on the floor, facing forwards, the last person faces back towards the group helper who shows them a picture. This picture has to be drawn onto the back of the person in front. The first person in the row has a piece of paper and a pencil, on which he has to draw what he felt on his back.

  7. Hand slapping

    Background: Walpurgis Night party

    Everyone sits in a circle and places their hands, palms facing down onto the floor, then you place the right hand underneath the person on your right’s left hand. Then going along the row, slap each others hands – double slapping indicates a change in direction.

  8. Rippel-Tippel

    Background: Jinxes should be known and said at Blox-mountain without mistakes.

    Children are numbered. Whoever’s turn it is has to say: “I am Rippel Tippel Number x (the child says their allocated number) and have y Tippel (the number is the same as the number of black dots they have on their face). How many Tippel does Rippel number z have (the child says the number of the child whose turn is next)?” Then the child whose number has been said is next and has to say the same phrases. These should be said quickly and without mistakes. Whoever talks too slowly or jumbles up his words has a black dot drawn on their face. This is done by using a cork which has been blackened using a lighter/match stick (use once it has cooled down).

  9. Popping-sandwich bags- relay

    Background: To end Walpurgis night the witches conjure up a long lasting thunderstorm


God assists us in every situation - he never sets us a task which is too difficult for us (for this we don’t need to use any witch-craft.)

Sent in by Carina W.

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