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Bremen Town Musicians

A fairytale evening: fantastic and exciting. Of course you are able to change some elements. After each game another part of the fairytale is read out.

Bremen Town Musicians (A fairytale from the brothers Grimm; version of 1857)

Group dividing game:

You make some notes. All players receive a note with an animal noise. The children have to imitate the noise on the note to make the groups. They look for the players making the same noise. Which group will find all members the quickest?

Bremen Town Musicians

Donkey = eeyore
Dog = woof woof
Cat = meow meow
Cock = cock-a-doodle-doo

Donkey game: Transport the flour sacks

2 people stand in front. 2 other people stand bowed down behind them, and clasp them around their hips. The fifth person lays on the pack of the bowed people (as sack). The donkey has to run along a course. The slowest donkey has to take to the farm house.

Donkey game: – Piggyback race

A piggyback race is organised - one player is the donkey and carries a person on his back.

Dog game: Hunting

On person is the hound (hunter). He tries to catch as many children as possible (prey). The game takes 60 seconds. Who is the best at the end?

Dog game: Sniffing

Spray different perfumes on paper. Who is able to identify them? The dog was satisfied and both continued their journey. It did not take long before they came across a cat. She had a face as long as a fiddle.

Cat game – poor black cat:

One person is the “poor cat“ and tries to make the others laugh.

Cat game – Cat and mouse:

Two children are the cats and two other children are the mice. The other children make a big circle. The mouse tries to slip between the people and to outpace the cat. The children between the mice grasp hands. The cat and the mouse cannot slip between them, again. The holes become fewer and fewer. So the mouse has to reach the last hole early, before the cat can get it.

Cock game- Cockfight

This old game is still very popular, especially among youth groups. Two fighters stand opposite each other; their arms are folded. They stand on one leg and try to push each other out of the circle.

Cock game – Picking grains

For this game, you need grains of the same size: grains of rice, beans, maize, raisins and peas. Put them into a bowl. A player tries with blindfolded eyes to separate the grains from each other.

As an alternative: Place some grains (candy) in the playing field. A blindfolded player has to find them. His team-mates can give him/ her hints.

Pyramid game:

The groups try to build a pyramid from their bodies. The best looking and most stable pyramid wins the game.

Game – Alley race

The children form an alley. A volunteer (robber) has to run through this alley. The team mates are allowed to throw water bombs (balls, shaving foam) on him/her. (If you think the game is too brutal, leave it out or change it.)

Singing game:

  • The groups have to sing a song – be creative
  • Each group member gets a balloon. They have to perform a song with the balloon.
  • Use a Playstation to play “Sing-Star”

Ideas for an afternoon with parents, coffee and cake

It is an ideal game in a club, for an afternoon with parents. They can also be involved in the game (except the alley race). At the end there is a presentation of prizes for the best team.

The idea for this game was sent in by Andreas H. It was originally based on a game from CVJM Westbund.

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