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Connect 4- making- and Games evening

Preparation time: 30 Minutes
People: from 6
Duration: 1.5 hours
Material cost: medium
Age: 10 onwards
Location: indoors
Season: any
Activity level: minimal
Materials: Wood, metal pin or wooden rods, drill, marbles/beads with a hole
Goal: Handicraft und games
Summary: First the game is made, following this a tournament is started


The game ‘Connect 4’ is a game for 2 people. With simple materials, several ‘Connect 4’ games can be made, followed by a tournament.

Aim of the game

The aim of the game is to connect 4 marbles/discs in a row (horizontally, vertically, diagonally, and obliquely). Taking it in turns, each player places a marble on a rod. Whoever is first to get 4 marbles in a row, wins.

Playing a tournament

If there are several game boards available, a ‘connect-4’ tournament can be set up. For each game won, one point is given. After each game, swap partners. Who will have the most points after an hour/once all the participants have played against each other? Each game takes approximately 1 – 5minutes (maximum).

Making instructions:

Using a drill, make 4 holes (at equal distance) on a square wooden board. Stick tooth picks or kebab skewers onto the wood. Pre-bought round wooden beads in 2 different colours serve as game-pieces. Other making options are of course possible. The main things needed are a wooden board, 16 rods (wood/nails), and games-pieces (beads, mill/checker pieces with holes drilled into them) that can be stuck onto the rods,

Contribution from Ronnie Berzins

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