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Hunting Ducks - Duck hunting

In this adventure game is about to hunt as much as possible ducks. That is the primary task. However, to win, it is important that you caught the same ducks at least 6 times.


8 youth worker are the ducks to be hunted. They are accordingly dressed as a duck (yellow or orange coloured t-shirts, duck bills in place.)


Another employee is covered and equipped with an old shotgun and a hat – he is the Ranger.

Baby Duck:

Another youth worker is a baby duck; dressed with beak and pacifier


These ducks are shot by hunting them. Touching them once is enough. Each child receives 6 rounds of ammunition.

There is an exchange at the "downed" duck. Make a shot and get a dead duck. (See templates for each teen duck. There are three different types of dead ducks, 6 each, but mixed up)

If a duck gets in contact with the baby, duck it broods. Therefore, the duck cannot be hunted.


The winner is the hunter who has caught the first 6 ducks of some sort.


Sometimes you shot ducks which you do not collect. Bad luck. To be able to reload in order again (you'll get an extra shot) you have to go to the ranger and bring him two dead ducks.



copy as much so that there are 6 per hunter

Ducks symbols:

per symbol you need 12 copies, depending on the number of players you can make more.

Ducks symbols

Provided by Barbara R.

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