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Extreme Activity

Extreme Activity is a Prosieben (Pro- Seven) Show that aired on television regularly. The objective is that you guess as many as possible terms for your group. Alternately, always one of the group comes forward and draws or explains the terms using words or pantomime. For that he has only one minute. The group must try to guess as many as possible terms. The winner is, who at the end, has guessed the most terms. They are only allowed to guess the terms from their own and not from the other team.

How this term is explained, (drawing, words or pantomime) is decided by the dice. You can make your own dice where only those 3 options are available. At the beginning of each round, the dice is cast, and this decides on how the person is to describe the term. However, the dice also holds a fourth possibility. That of extreme activity. In this case, the term has to be described with some hurdles as described below.


Big poster to write down the score, dice and cards with the words written on, to either draw, pantomime or explain. Extreme Activity

Extreme Activity Material
Explain: pillow fight pillows
Explain: 2 Coaster and 2 full cups of water Coasters + 2 full cup of water
Explain: wheel-barrow Wheelbarrow
Explain: Drag a mat and jump on it Carpet
Math exercises (they have to be solved while you explain them) Math exercises
silhouette a person with your hands nothing
Pass the ball around (while the person explains the ball is pass around) Ball
A bombard with water pistols Water guns
Brushing your teeth while explaining this Toothbrush (own) and toothpaste
Explain the word in your own Rap nothing
Implement terms into the explanation Terms
Putting on clothes and explain Clothes

Please bring more ideas and creativity.

Submitted by Marie-Christine D., BELGIUM

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