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Games all about the apple

Preparation time: 5 Minutes
No. people: 6+
Duration: 1 hour
Material cost: minimal to a lot
Age: 8+
Location: indoors
Season: Autumn
Activity level: medium
Materials: Apples, scales, tooth picks, apple peeler, measuring tape if needed, raisins, icing sugar, spoon, straws, beads, pencils, paper
Goal: Fun and games
Summary: In autumn during the apple harvest, an evening of apple-related games.


Apples are always reasonable to buy and whoever has a small orchard can pick apples and bring them to the youth session.

  1. Keeping balance

    Everyone sits in a circle. An apple has to be passed around by being balanced on the feet.

  2. Searching game

    Lots of apples are hidden around the hall and have to be found. It is almost like looking for Easter eggs…

  3. Guessing

    The weight of one/more apples has to be guessed as accurately as possible.

  4. Peeling

    Who can peel off the longest piece of apple skin without it breaking?

  5. Puzzle

    A large apple is cut into several small pieces. Using toothpicks the group has to try and put the apple back together again.

  6. Apple faces

    With lots of small pieces of apple, raisins and icing sugar, make apple faces by decorating a plate.

  7. Spoon fight

    Each person holds an apple on the end of a spoon. In the other hand they hold an empty spoon. Who can knock off their opponent’s apple without dropping their own?

  8. Apple shooting

    Using a straw, shoot beads at an apple.

  9. Back-number

    An apple is wedged between the backs of two players. Like this they have to walk through an obstacle course. Thereafter the apple is given to the next pair of players.

  10. Pyramid building

    Using as many apples as possible build a pyramid or tower; who will succeed in making the tallest building?

  11. Coining

    The group has to make as many new words as possible out of the word “apple tree”.

A contribution from Carina W.

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