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Godfathers and Mafiosi unite

The entire evening should be set up in Mafia style. Each participant and the group leaders should dress like Mafia; in such a way that you can see from afar that this can only be the Mafia i.e. dark sunglasses, dark baggy (because of the holster) jacket and a Mafia hat.

Game Aim:

Conquer as many territories as possible. Depending on the area there are varying numbers of points to be won.


  • Areas have varying degrees of worth.
  • Outskirts 1P
  • Train station/ harbour 2P
  • Centre 3P
  • Home territory 4P

Capturing of neutral territory:

Per game round, a desired area can be named, which is to be captured. If it is not already occupied it can be captured by completing a task.

Capturing an occupied territory:

If a team wishes to capture an already occupied territory, no more neutral territory can be occupied in this round, rather the attacked must defend. This is executed via a tournament. If the defendants win, the attack is successfully rebuked. If the attackers win then the area comes under their possession.


The game is divided into several rounds. Per round each group has the opportunity to occupy a territory of their choice. The respective tasks or tournament follows. After the tournaments have finished the games pieces are placed in order, according to the outcome. This is followed by a new round.

Game end:

Game lasts 1.5 – 2 hours or until a Mafia clan is eliminated

Game duration:

1.5h – 2hours depending on game plan and the group of people

Game plan:

To begin with each family possesses both their home territory, and 2 neutral territories on the outskirts.

Outskirts 1P (6 or 8 pieces)

Train station/harbour 2P (4 or 6 pieces)

Centre 3P (2 pieces)

Home territory 4P (each 1 piece)


Tasks for the games:

  • Push ups (flexible, depending on the group size. 8 push ups per person)
  • Money Courier (Find a packet that is hidden in the house)
  • Writing a blackmail letter (cut letters out of newspaper and stick onto paper)
  • A card sharp (perform a card trick)
  • Gambling (dice )
  • Pick Pocket (Build a Jenga tower to a certain height within a set time)
  • Observation: what has changed? An area is observed. Thereafter 5 things are changed. At least 3 differences have to be identified.
  • Finding counterfeits: In a bundle of 100 notes there are 10 fake notes; find these notes within a set time

Materials: Packet / Suitcase, 2 magazines, glue, 2 playing card sets, dice cup + dice, Jenga, various objects, 95 money notes, 5 x Fake money.

Tasks for tournament games:

  • Bobby car-race
  • Shooting contest (who can shoot the most hoops)
  • Sumo wrestling
  • Knife throwing (Darts)
  • Hat throwing
  • Drinking competition
  • Obstacle course with a guide
  • Prison break race (two Mafiosi are tied together at the legs and have to walk around)

Materials: 2 Bobby cars, Soft air or gun or pellet gun, targets, adhesive tape, darts + board, suitable hats, 2 bottles, 2 x blindfolds,

Sent in by Thomas Schlenker, EC-KV-Baar

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