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The Great Pirate Ship Battles


Game Idea:

Three opposing teams have two hours to build a raft. In the end, the great battle will take place on a lake.


Raft building + building material at stations:


conquer pirate flag in the lake and return to the shore


  • basic material is available (ropes, logs, tools, nails)

  • Additional material has to be earned (cans, bottles, wood, nails, sheets ...)

  • There are 7 play stations


  • building 2 hours, pirate battle: 1 hour



  • 18 players per team (may vary)

  • 1 Supervisor

  • Participants will be divided into 4-5 raft builder, a captain, whose job it is to look at what material the raft builders need (he can support both groups). The remaining teammates are material-collectors or material earner

  • In the end, each group will need 2-4 warriors

Object of staff:

  • Avoid injury (nails, instability of raft)

  • Smooth running

  • Time management


  • Helpful intervention


  • 36 logs with 1.5m length and about 14cm in diameter (12 per team)

  • Nails (10cm), string

  • 3 equal PE drums

  • Sheets (for ship's flag)

  • 3 saws, hammers 3, 3 scissors

  • Plenty of wooden boards

  • Paints and brushes (for ship's flag)


At the beginning, each team gets 12 logs, a barrel and string as a base material. In addition, each group has a hammer, a saw and a pair of scissors.

Beginning of the game:

Now the group must try to earn additional materials from various stations. The captain indicates what other material the raft builders need. The material collectors are always on the go (in pairs). They will compete against other groups in the various stations. Depending on the particular station the winning team receives boards, nails or other materials.


  1. Rum - Binge boozing

    Which team is faster, drinking one litre of tea or water with a straw.

    Material: water or tea, cups (1-litre container), straws (it looks funnier if you use longer straws)

  2. Treasure Chest towing

    Which team is quicker transporting a heavy treasure around the trail?

    Material: heavy box, the course needs to be prepared

  3. Weightlifting coconuts

    Which group can lift more coconuts with an outstretched arm?

    Material: coconuts

  4. Favorite sports

    (get a spoon across a ravine, shooting down your opponent)

    Which team is more skilled to get a certain amount of water across a predetermined distance? One team has to walk a marked, 3m long trail, carrying a full cup of water. Each group gets two minutes. The other team tries to “bombard” the team with softball to knock the glass of water out of their hands.

    Material: plastic cups, water, many softballs, marked area

  5. Parrot flight (paper plane throwing)

    Which paper airplane can fly the furthest? Anyone constructs a paper plane in a short time.

    Material: Paper

  6. Fight over the gorge

    The team is on a bench or something alike, trying to knock off their opponents on the other side using a swim noodle.

    Material: benches, swimming noodles

  7. Additional Station: Jolly Roger

    In the end, each team should have made a pirate flag.

    Material: sheets, paint, brushes, marker pen.

Pictures and idea send in by Manuel Schröder (Germany)


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