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The Greek treasure and the building of the temple of Athens


The aim of the game and the group’s job is to find the Greek treasure and to earn enough money for the renovation or new build of Jupiter’s temple. Jupiter will then help to defend the attacks of the Spartans.

Game area:

A suitable game area is a section of the woods where the stations can be set up around 100-300 meters from each other. The last station (the labyrinth) is set up in a secret location away from the normal playing area.

Length of the game:

You will approx. 3-4 hours for this game, depending on how many groups you have, how far the stations are from each other and if a lunch or coffee and cake is planned.


All stations incl. the materials required are set up before the beginning of the game. The running of events, the tasks to fulfil and the order of play are all explained to the group leaders beforehand.

The treasure map (see appendix) is handed out at the beginning of the game. In order to translate the Greek text on the treasure map, the player will need the Greek alphabet. There are parts of the alphabet in 3 different locations. The treasure map can therefore only be translated after a certain amount of time. Entry to the treasure is only possible with the solution of the riddle.

Introduction to the game

A scene played by the group leaders:

A couple of heralds: This is a state of emergency! A citizen’s meeting will take place in front of the cook tent (in 5 minutes)!
Politicians: Citizens of Athens! I have bad news: We have spotted enemy ships from Sparta. They are advancing towards the coast with great speed and the wind is blowing perfectly to help them on their way. Some leading scientists have worked out that the fleet will need 8 hours at the most to reach our coastline. However, as you all aware, the last battle was not too long ago and the Warrior are still exhausted. Even the battle ships need 1 days work to be fully operative. Do you have any suggestions how we can free our beloved town from this dilemma?
Citizen 1: It’s obvious – we have to flee!!
Citizen 2: Hopefully you are aware that there is not enough time to evacuate the whole time?! I would suggest that the important people leave the town, I mean the rich people, and the others can stay behind as a type of distraction manoeuvre.
Citizen 3: What? And this is supposed to be a democracy!! No, if we do something it has to apply to everyone! I think that we shouldn’t give up without a fight. If the Warriors are still too exhausted, then we will all have to defend ourselves. I would suggest that everyone goes home and grabs all of the weapons they can find.
Citizen 2: Yes, but the poor people don’t have anything to defend themselves with. Then the whole Last is placed on the rich people. I don’t think that that is fair.
- Athene appears (smoke bomb?) -
Citizen 1: We could barricade ourselves on the roof and throw stones at the enemies then they enter the town. And then if...
[Athene clears her throat]
Citizen 3: Hey, be quiet! Isn’t that Athene?
Citizen 3: The protective goddess of our beautiful has come to us in our time of need!!
Pallas Athene: My dear citizens of Athens, I have heard of your misfortunate situation. I have heard that this is an intrigue of my father Zeus once again. He believes that the people of Athens no longer fear him or have forgotten him because they do not make any sacrifices anymore. That is why he has spurred the Spartans on to move out and attack Athens.
I am sure that my father can be reconciled with if the sacrifice is large enough.
Citizen 3: Zeus would probably be happy if we were simply to rebuild his ruined temple and restore to its former glory. It is crumbling apart.
Citizen 1: The rich ones could loan the others a bit. They have enough anyway!
Citizen 2: Can you imagine what I shelled out for the last battle! I have so little money now that I can’t even remember the last time I ate caviar.
Pallas Athene (coughs): I think that my father would be very grateful if you were to rebuild his temple. If money is the only problem, I can help you out.

Some time ago, the citizens of Athens hid some treasure for an emergency situation and gave me the treasure map.

Remember that you must find the treasure and restore the temple in the short time available.
Athene gives the treasure map to the politicians and disappears (smoke bomb?)
Politicians: So that we can find the treasure as quickly as possible, we have split the people of Athens into groups. I will give each of these groups a copy of the treasure map.

Oh no, I have just noticed that it is written in ancient Greek! There are bound to be people in the area who can help you with the language. A few of words have also been rubbed out! But no problem, our hard working scientist have found a way of restoring the text.
Once you have found the treasure, come back to the town square to restore your energy before we start building the columns.
I wish you lots of luck with the task!

People at the stations:

  • Dyonisos (God of wine)
  • Nymphe
  • Landlord
  • Thales (scientist)
  • Apollo – The Priestess (in Delphi)
  • Tantalos (with a paddling pool and fruit on a branch above him)
  • Muse of epic poetry (Calliope)
  • Socrates
  • Guard in front of the labyrinth
  • Politicians:

Running of events and an overview of the game chain:

(Only the station leaders are aware of this and not the groups)

  • Part 1 of the alphabet

    Dyonisos is drunk: A tale from his past Nymphe: Pearl Dyonisos: Caraffe/bottle of wine Landlord: Astronomical news Thales: Task Socrates: Helps with the solution Thales: Part of the alphabet

  • Part 2 of the alphabet

    Priester: Small change Tantalos: Drinking song Dyonisos: Recipe Landlord: Horse hair Muse: Poem Nymphe: Bog grass Tantalos: Ink Muse: Part of the alphabet

  • Part 3 of the alphabet

    Landlord: Job + business card
    Muse: Invitation Dionysos: Tankard
    Thales: Ask for a plate: Book Muse: Plate
    Socrates: Solve a riddle Ouzo
    Landlord: Part of the alphabet

  • Gold chain

    Tantalos – pluck some fruit:
    Candle Priest: Flute Nymphe: Petals
    Papyrus Muse: Tea towel Landlord: Corks
    Pen Socrates: Incense Priest: Nothing
    Thales: Scented petal oils Nymphe: Gold chain

  • Make words visible

    Rubbed out word on the treasure map: Thales task Makes it visible

  • Silver coin

    Tantalos: Brush Nymphe: Gong Priest: Stick Tantalos: Bismarck herring Dyonisos: Silver coin

Game stations

When an object is brought/something happens What follows Which object or piece of information is handed out?

Dyonisos (God of wine)

If someone comes past: Oh, my head is spinning. I can’t even remember what happened last night. Tell me, do you know where we are here? ... Ach yes, it is slowly coming back to me. You know what? My name is Dyonisos, the god of wine, and such a reveller... you can’t say no... Do you have time? Then I can tell you a tale from my youth. As I was young, I was brought up by the beautiful Nymphe. She was the protective spirit of a large oak tree. I hid myself in a tree trunk for four days and she could not find me. It was very funny, she panicked and was worried and then she started to cry... (Looks sad all of a sudden) well, it wasn’t that funny. It was quite sad really. As she eventually found me, she was annoyed with me and I moved away into the big wide world. I haven’t seen her again since... ach it would be so nice to hear from my mother again...If you tell others this story, she is bound to remember me...but are you doing here?! Let me alone! ( story is told)
Pearl: Oh, that is the pearl which my mother always wore. It is more beautiful than I remember. To show my thanks for this wonderful message, you can take this carafe of wine. It is a very good year. You are bound to find a use for it. Carafe of wine
Herring: Super! I have a hangover just as bad as from the last session. Here is a silver coin as a gift. Silver coin
Invitation to a party: The Muse’ parties are legendary! I thank you for this messenger service. Here is a Tankard to express my thanks. Tankard
Sing a drinking very loudly: Hohohohoho! That is a good song, I like it! Here is a recipe for lamb in red wine sauce. I am well known for my parties with the best food and drink! The landlords of the whole peninsular would give anything to have a recipe from me! Recipe


If someone comes past: Oh oh, could you help me please?! My beautiful long golden hair is tangled up and I cannot manage to detangle it. I have tried lots of hair conditioners and types of algae but nothing helps... And I look so awful now. I cannot even bear to go out of the house looking like this! If you could find a brush for me I would be most grateful! To remind you of your task I will give you this lock of hair – please hurry. Lock of hair
Brush: Thank you. Now I can finally care for my beautiful hair again and brush it until it shines... As a thank you, you can have this wonderful gong, maybe you can find a use for it. Gong
Recite a poem: (Moved to tears) How wonderful! I will always honour this poem. Please take this lump of bog grasses as a thank you from me. It is a very effective herb which relieves pain. It is particularly helpful for tension in the neck area. Bog grass
Tell the story of her foster son: What? The famous Dyonisos remembers his poor, modest mother? Oh, could you send him my regards and give him these pearls? They are my personal Talisman, I have worn them often and they will remind him of me. Pearls
Flute: A beautiful instrument! What, you want to give it to me? And I do not have anything to give you...take these forest petals with you. I love the scent of these petals more than anything. You are sure to enjoy them as well. Dried petals
Scented petal oil: Oh yes, that smells wonderful – just like the petals of the forest. That really is a wonderful present. I will give you this valuable gold chain. Gold chain
Who is the goddess of love and beauty: It’s Aphrodite of course. Didn’t you know that? Yes, well as long as you can remember that now...

(All of the other questions in the puzzle: „phew, that is difficult... no, I cannot give you the answer. “ The children are allowed to ask three questions from the puzzle at a time. Afterwards: „now you have pestered me long enough, I must get on with my work. “)


If someone comes past: Hey, you there! Can you help me clear up? I will pay you kindly for your work!! (as soon as the kids are near, he drops some splinters) No! You bring me bad luck!! That was my best cutlery! And the lovely ouzo. Please find a new plate, a new tankard and a new bottle of ouzo. I cannot run a tavern without ouzo... here is my business card so that you remember what I need. Business card
Plate or tankard or ouzo: That is very good…but brings me the things when you have all three.  
Plate, tankard and ouzo, and the business card: Thank you! You have saved my tavern. Take this part of the Greek alphabet as a thank you. I have heard that you might need it. Part of the alphabet
Tea towel: I can always use some tea towels as a landlord! How did you know that? I thank you. Maybe you will find more use for these corks than I can... Corks
Recipe: That is worth a fortune! I will try out the recipe straight away! Here, take a tuft of hair from my best horse’s mane. You can produce very valuable musical instruments with horse hair. You are sure to know someone who likes making music. Horse hair
Carafe/bottle of wine: That is a very good year!! How should I thank you? The only thing I have is this writing. A friend of mine had new astronomical knowledge and wrote it down here. A scientist would be sure to show an interest in it. ? Writing with astronomical information

Thales (scientists)

Question about making the words visible: That is, of course, no problem for a fully-fledged chemist like me. It is no problem but I need a few specific materials which you have to produce first.
First of all, I need the juice of an orange. Please remove the flesh (hand over an orange and a glass) ? press out the juice
And I need ...stones. There are a lot of them over there. It should almost be blue in colour but you shouldn't have a problem in finding one. ? Look for a stone
so, that is enough (stirs around in some containers) here is the missing word (write with a black marker)
Make the words visible
Dried petals: You could make scented oils from these petals. However I do not have any more corks to seal the bottles. If you can bring me a cork and these petals I can distil some scented oil for you.  
Dried petals and corks: That is bound to smell wonderful (stirs the contents of various containers and crackles a little) So, it is almost finished. I don't want to praise myself for my own work but that has really turned out wonderful. It would surely please every woman. Scented petal oil
Ask for plates: No, I do not have a plate but the Muse is sure to be able to help you. If you go and visit her, could take this book along for her? Book
Text with astronomical information: That is fantastic! ... Oh, I think I know how to work this out, you just have to (scribbles on a piece of paper) no, that isn't right ... Could you possibly help me? I am looking for the formula to this problem but I simply cannot come up with the right solution. Let me know when you have managed to work it out. Maybe you can ask Socrates for help if you do not get any further. Note with mathematical problem
Solution to the maths problem: Yes, you I can see the solution in front of my eyes!! Thank you for your help! Do you have a piece of text in ancient Greek with you? This is bound to help you decode the writing. Unfortunately I only have part of the alphabet; maybe someone else can help you with the rest. Part of the alphabet

Apollo – Priestess (in Delphi)

If someone comes by: Hey, you there! I can't come away at the moment; the oracle could speak at any moment. I borrowed some money from Tantalos - please give it back to him. He is bound to be grateful to you. Small change
Incense: That is the finest incense. My lord, Apollo, is sure to be thankful for your givings. (nothing!!)
Gong: Oh wonderful! Such a valuable piece! As a thank you, you can have this valuable stick. It was carved from a very old oak. Stick
Candles: I can always use some candles for my temple. Let Apollo be with you! But I also want to show my appreciation. Take my old flute. I have made a new one so I do not need it any more. Forest spirits and Nymphs like playing these flutes. Flute
Solution: That is very nice for you if you know the solution. But before I tell you of my knowledge you must pay me a silver coin. Information from the oracle has always cost a silver coin.  
Solution and silver coin: (Watch out that no other group overhears) spread out your arms, close you eyes, and sigh several times. Then with a meaningful and whispering voice:
"The labyrinth can be found ..."
Here, take this sign as a symbol of the protective gods to show the guards that I have sent you.
Location of the labyrinths (verbally); Apollo symbol
Question about Zeus’ wife: But that should be taken for granted Hera. What, you didn't know anything about it? Well if she isn’t cross with you... (All other questions from the riddle: "phew that is difficult... no, I cannot give you the answer." Each time the children come, they are only allowed to ask three questions from the cross word puzzle. Afterwards: "now you have pestered me long enough, I have to get on with my work.") „H-E-R-A“


(with a paddling pool – fruit on a branch with swimming pool and fruit on a branch above him)
If someone comes past: Pssst, you there! My name is Tantalos and was banished to this place by the gods. I cannot reach the fruit up there because every time I try to reach up, a gust of wind comes along and blows the branches away. But maybe you can pick one for me? I am so hungry!
The children pick some fruit and give it to him
Oh thank you! You have no idea how long I have suffered with hunger!! Here, take everything. I cannot use it here anyway.
Candles, pen, Papyrus
Lock of hair: You are sure to find a brush here. Wait a moment... here you can have this one. If you go and visit Nymphe, you can send my regards. I haven't seen her for a long time... but leave the lock of hair here so that I can think of her for a while. Brush
Stick: Yes, please give me the stick!! I can fetch fruit down from the branches with it... Here is a fresh herring for you in exchange. I have heard that herring is good for the morning after a heavy night. Herring
Bog grass: That is bound to relieve my poor neck!! (Places it around his neck) It is much better now! Maybe you can find a use for this ink well. I was not born to write but someone is bound to be pleased about receiving it as a gift! Ink
Small change: Well, well. I'd never have thought that I would see the money again. Thank you for bringing it to me (drop it into the water clumsily) Fantastic! Now I can bend down and collect it all together. You don't expect any thanks for your clumsiness now, do you? Ach, I do have something for you (sings a primitive drinking song) so, you won't get that out of your head too quickly. Who knows? Maybe you will find someone who will enjoy listening to it. ( Drinking song - verbally)

Muse of the epic poetry (Calliope)

If someone comes past: I have heard that Dyonisos, the god of wine, is in the area. Could you give him this invitation from me? Invitation to a party
Book: Oh, that is nice. Thales has devoted a book to me because I inspired him. Is there anything I can help you with? (Ask for the plates) Yes, of course you can have some plates from me. One of my sisters painted them by hand but I do not need them at the moment. Plate
Papyrus: I thank you. Now I can keep a record of my newest inspirations. I have this tea towel for you. The landlord Glaukos will be sure to be pleased about receiving it as a gift. Tea towel
Horse hair: That is a very fine quality. I can build my beloved sister (Euterpe) a wonderful harp from it. As a thank you I will give you my inspiration for a wonderful poem. Try to write a poem and read it out loud and I will tell you if it is good or not.

If you recite this poem to a forest spirit or a Nymphe, they will help you.
Pen, paper

Words, themes or rhymes, ...

Ink: Ink is a very valuable present. It is very time consuming and needs lots of patience to produce. I don't really know how I should thank you...but you are bound to find a use for this part of the ancient Greek alphabets. Part of the alphabet
Question about the author of Ilias and the Odyssey Of course these outstanding works of art are thanks to my inspiration. Homer wrote them down for me.

(All other questions from the riddle: "phew that is difficult... no, I cannot give you the answer." Each time the children come, they are only allowed to ask three questions from the cross word puzzle. Afterwards: "now you have pestered me long enough, I have to get on with my work.")


If someone comes past: You look lie you could solve my riddle. Do you want to give it a go?

„The poor have it and the rich do not have it. And those who eat it will die. “
(Solution: nothing)

(keep giving tips in question forms until they have guessed it)
You really have done well. Take this bottle of ouzo. Someone else is bound to be more pleased about it than I.
Pen: There really are few material things which I can find a use for. However a pen for jotting down my thoughts is never a bad idea. Unfortunately I do not have a lot to give you. Maybe you can find a use for this. I could imagine that a priest would give a lot for it. Incense
What is the English meaning of ?????? That means spirit in English! „Spirit“
What is the mountain called where the Gods live? What is the name of the most famous sport games?
Without the last 3 letters and adding us?
What is the name of the warrior, who can only be injured on his heel? What is found under a bridge to support it?
With the second letter?
(now you have the first three letters of the solution)
What is another word for “poorly“?
German word for “it”?
Who was the one-eyed giant? What is another name for a bike?
Take away the last letter
Another word for “grandpa”
Take away the first p
What is the name of the underworld? Which syllable is used when laughing at someone?
Nickname for Derek?
All other questions from the riddle: „No, I cannot give you the answer." Each time the children come, they are only allowed to ask three questions from the cross word puzzle. Afterwards: "now you have pestered me long enough, I have to get on with my work.")  

Station: Labyrinth treasure hunt

Location: The location is hidden away as possible or far away from the other stations.

Entry: Entry is only possible with the gold chain which has been “blessed” from the oracle and the solution to the riddle which you must recite to the guards: „Philosophy is sport for the mind. “

Gold chain and Apollo symbol Guards in front of the labyrinth

„You have come far but to receive the treasure you must cross through our labyrinth. “

Children go through the labyrinth blindfolded. They are not allowed to have any contact to the group. The other children are not allowed to see the labyrinth and are not allowed to help the others. The child only hears a command once he has reached the end.

Group received gold coins to build the temple.

The labyrinth is made from benches/tree trunks Build the station while the kids are somewhere else. They should not know where the station is because it is a secret location!!

Coffee and cakes: once all of the groups are finished (approx. ½ hour.)

Station: Building columns

Requirements: Gold coins:

Very good, that exactly the right money to pay for the marble for a column. Unfortunately you do not have enough money to pay the builder so you must build the column yourselves. Take one of these piles of valuable stones. Build a column from them which is at least 1.5 m high with a diameter of 20 cm which does not fall over. (The gold coins can be eaten now) but remember that you do not have much time before the Spartans arrive.

Once all the columns are finished:

Citizens of Athens, I have good news! Our new temple has shown its effect! Zeus has sent a lightning bolt from heaven and has destroyed the Spartan’s ship. There is no danger any more so you can enjoy your meal without fear...



  • Meter stick
  • At least 2 smoke bombs
  • A treasure map copied for each group
  • Splinters of crockery for the landlord
  • 20 benches
  • Wood for sectioning off
  • Marker pen
  • A barrel for stirring and a spoon etc.
  • Paddling pool
  • Drinking song

For each group:

  • Beakers
  • Plates
  • Tankard
  • Corks
  • Book
  • Candles
  • Pearls/beads
  • Brushes
  • Paper + pen
  • Herring (paper herring)
  • Incense
  • Ink
  • Small change
  • Pen (pencil)
  • Stick (from the woods)
  • Horse hair
  • Silver coins (cardboard coins sprayed gold)
  • Gold chain (normal chain sprayed gold)
  • Gong (collect tin cans)
  • Ouzo (Water bottle with Ouzo written on it)
  • Collect wine bottles / carafe of wine
  • Tea towel
  • Oranges
  • Gold coins
  • Cardboard or paper
  • Scented oil (Actimel bottles)
  • Dried petals (potpourri)
  • Flute (stick straws together)
  • Painted stones
  • Recipe
  • Alphabet in 3 parts
  • Business cards
  • Astronomical knowledge
  • Mathematical problem
  • Invitation to a party
  • A lock of hair (wool)
  • Papyrus (branded paper)
  • Apollo symbol (coloured card)
  • Fruit on a branch (coloured card)
  • Bog grass

Treasure map

______: The people in Olympia celebrate often and some call it wilful murder

______: Solution to the puzzle is printed on the back

In the correct order:

________ ________ ________ ________ ________ ________

Planet riddle

You can see two planets on the drawing, Mercury (M) and Venus (V).

Both planets orbit the sun (S).

Study the drawing carefully.

The drawings were made at two different points in time.

Which position must Venus be in when Mercury has orbited the earth exactly two times?

Good luck!


  1. The mountain where the Gods lived
  2. Zeus’ wife
  3. A fighter who can only be injured on his heel
  4. A one-eyed giant
  5. Author of the Iliad and the Odyssey
  6. Name of the underworld
  7. A wooden horse won over this town
  8. The goddess of love and beauty
  9. The capital of Greece
  10. A typical Greek folk dance
  11. The death of which famous philosopher is portrayed in a famous painting by Jacques-Louis David?
  12. Zeus robbed it in the form of the Taurus (continent where Greece is to be found)


Greek alphabet

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