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Preparation time: 10 Minutes
No. people: 12+
Duration: 1 hour
Material costs: minimal
Age: 8+
Location: indoors
Season: any
Activity level: minimal
Materials: replicated game plans, game pieces (or make yourself out of paper)
Goal: well known board game, played differently.
Summary: well known board game “Ludo” played differently.



Game rules

The game is suitable for between 12 to 80 people to play. Split the players into four groups, to indicate how many game-fields you will need. Spread the game-fields throughout the room and use arrows to indicate in which direction the game should be played. Set up the game-pieces.

Each game-field should be a different colour or be emphasised in some way. E.g. for a games-table of 6; when at this table a number 6 is rolled, the person who rolled the dice shouts “six + his/her colour”. If the colour was e.g. blue, then all those who are ‘blue’ have to move forwards swapping places, and so taking over the ‘blue’ position at the next games table.

This gives the game a certain dynamic and one gets to know lots of different people.


At the gaming table, when a games-figure has reached the end-destination, whoever got the point walks over to the game supervisor and tells them their colour. The supervisor then adds a point to this team on an over head projector/white board.

End of the game

Either a time is set i.e. whoever has the most points after e.g. half an hour wins, or whoever reaches a set number of points wins.


Rules of the game should be decided yourself; so whether you throw someone out of the game or not, and whether ‘throwing out’ is compulsory or not.


  • Someone should be there to moderate the game to take points, and time-keep etc.
  • In the first 5 minutes most people do not find this game so great however, as soon as the first points and exchanges happen a great atmosphere is created.
  • Don’t play for too long otherwise it becomes boring.
  • Play on lots of tables if possible - rather than on the floor
  • Use paper- 100gramms in weight to make the games-pieces otherwise they fall over too easily.


If you do not have so many games pieces, then you can easily make some of your own. Cut strips out of 100g weight craft paper, fold into a triangle and stick together.

Sent in by Ronnie Berzins

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