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Harry Potter Day

The following Harry Potter game was sent in together with 5 further adventure games by Moritz from the KJG Merzhausen (Germany). It was developed by Moritz himself and some team colleagues, was successfully tested on a camp (it was a hit) and then provided for use by Youthwork-Practice. He also mentioned that he a big fan of this web site. Thank you very much and above all, thanks for the fact that his ideas can be presented here. It is a very complex game which must be organised well and can fill a whole day. The things presented here are suggestions and can be extended for your own use.


On the Harry Potter Day the children will be transported into a fantasy world which should be similar to the world in which „Harry Potter“ lives. In this Harry Potter Day, the aim is for every group (each group represents a school class) to collect as many points as possible for the class. The game takes a whole day.

The house represents the young magician’s school. The children are split into groups or school classes and each group receives a trusted teacher who is played by your group leaders. You should dress up like wizards and act as such (however maybe you should leave out the flying *grins*).

The game starts as soon as the children are woken which means that you have to slip into your role straight away in the morning.

Breakfast (short duties etc.)

Allocating classes

The school leader (=group leader, camp leader) welcomes the scholars to a new school year. A new school year starts and like always, the young wizards are split into classes and the big magic school.

The kids pull pieces of paper out of a hat with their class number on it. The 6 classes have now been formed and each one has a trusted teacher who gives them further instructions (rooms and rules).


Each class makes wizards hats with their teacher in the class colours and one or several magic wands

School visit / courses on offer

After the crafts session everyone comes back together and the school year starts. There are 6 courses on offer. The courses are introduced and each class must send at least one scholar to each course. A course session always takes approx. 10 minutes then the scholars come together again. At the end every scholar should have visited each course once. The scholar’s aim is to collect as many points for their class as possible. This time represents a school year and the points are awarded at the end of the year.

The following courses are possible:

  • Magic potions
  • Magic spells
  • Flying a broomstick
  • Magic tricks
  • Fable painting
  • Fairy stories


(During the meal the last unicorn is kidnapped).

End of the year

The classes meet up after the last big meal before the school holidays; everyone is in the recreation room. The points scores are called out. As soon as the school leader wants to send the kids into the school holidays, a messenger enters the room.

Completely exhausted and at the end of his nerves, the messenger explains that the last unicorn has been kidnapped by the bad wizard Randamet. All of the teachers start to talk nervously among themselves until the school leader asks for quiet. Each class must meet up in their room.

The search for the unicorn

In their rooms each class receives a task from their trusted teacher to help save the unicorn.


  1. Flying a broomstick / search for the gateway
    =to enter the evil world

  2. Studying questions and answers
    =To master Riddle and reverse spells

  3. Water bombs / holy water
    = Weapons against the bad hoards

  4. Make a great magic spell (synchronised form/movement and spell)
    = To ban the demons

  5. Make magical stones from soap stone
    = To lock up the demons

  6. Brew a magic potion
    = To heal the unicorn

When all of the classes have solved their task they all meet up again for a meeting where it is reported what the classes have achieved.

The portal

The classes are now split up and put into new groups so that at least one from each class is in the group. Now 2 groups are led to each of the 3 portals. Behind each portal is a long path which leads into the world of chaos. These paths are guarded by fairies who make sure that no one leaves the path and that only one group goes through the portal.

The tasks

On the way the groups have a number of tasks to perform such as:

  • Competitive races,
  • Riddle,
  • Battles,
  • Searches, etc.

The last fight

All three paths lead to the unicorn eventually. The unicorn is on a mountain which is guarded by the bad wizard Randamet. As he sees the young wizards he calls his servants, a hoard of black spirits, for help. A final battle is on (e.g. a water fight).

When the bad hoards are defeated Randament must fight himself. He recites a spell but the magical stones are quickly placed around him (at least 5 stones in a ring) and he is powerlessly locked in. Now the young wizards must collect all of their strength and all recite a spell together to beat him. The bad wizard turns out to be a trusted teacher who was possessed by a demon.....

The unicorn is healed with a potion.....

All live happily ever after



  • 6 trusted teachers
  • 3 fairies
  • 3 gnomes (for the race)
  • 1 school leader
  • As many bad spirits as possible

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