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Motto Sports - Harry Potter Games

This group meeting should be held in a sports hall. The youth workers dress up like the teachers of Hogwarts (cape etc.).

The hall is prepared as follows: On one of the long sides spread out 4 mats, each with a little distance from the other. On top of each mat stick the house logo. At a bar/billet, etc. place a Kettle with the writing “Platform "9 ¾".

Once the children are changed, they gather in a circle and the "invitation to Hogwarts" is read to them.

Harry Potter Game 1:

Now the children have to go to platform 9 ¾ where chairs are already available. They are told that the Hogwarts-express has a magical defect and so that after each stop, there is one seat less. There is music playing and as soon as it stops, the children have to sit on a chair. Similar as in the “Travel to Jerusalem” every time a chair is taken away so that the children have to find space on fewer seats.

Harry Potter Game 2:

Finally arrived at Hogwarts, the suspension keeps on going: The gate is enchanted with a magical curse and does not open. All students have to climb over the wall. A rope which is held between two ladders symbolizes the wall. The kids have to help each other across the rope without actually touching it. If someone touches the rope none the less, the magic spell is active again and all children have to start all over again.

Harry Potter Match 3:

Next comes the most exciting part of the magical trip: All participants are divided into the four houses by the magic, talking hat. For this purpose, a semi-circle is formed. In front of the semi-circle, you place a chair. One child after the other has to sit there. Now, a hidden conductor reads the names of the houses. (For a just division, each youth worker took a name out of a hat in preparation). If you want, at that point you can take a photo of each child to take home as a momentum.

Harry Potter Game 4:

Now the heat is really on because the first lesson calls: what we play here is “off limits.” Place a chair in front of each house mat. One child volunteers and sits down on this chair and gets to put on the speaking hat. Above him, a sign of a particular term is held, which has to be explained by the other housemates. If the group wins, they get a home point. This is done for all 4 houses; the number of terms can vary.

Harry Potter Game 5:

Then the second lesson is already calling: brewing potions. For this purpose, 4 tables are placed in front of the house mats. Each group gets the same juices and 3 plastic cups. The objective is to create the perfect love-, magic-, etc. potion. The best group (decided by the youth workers) gets a home point.

Harry Potter Game 6:

In the third lesson magic is performed. The “magic tricks” are endeavours from chemistry etc. We have 1. Chromatography, 2. wandering coins, 3. food colouring vs. wandering coin. If I child can do it, he gets a home point. If he even can explain why this is, he gets another one.

Harry Potter Game 7:

Now it comes to the honour of the houses; Quidditch is played. How that works is explained below:

Now there is an evaluation and all the house points are added up. If you want, you can create a presentation at this point.

Then it's back into the Hogwarts-express (Like in the beginning). The kids get off at platform 9¾ and are straight back home again.

You can also make a meal break, with the tables set up like in Hogwarts: this means, the teachers sit up front and the students are divided according to their houses.

Invitation to Hogwarts

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
We are delighted to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The school year starts on 02.08.2014 at 10:30 clock.

We await you on the above date at Platform 9 3/4, if you want to participate this year. With best regards,

Minerva McGonagall, Deputy Headmistress

Instructions for playing Quidditch:

You need a table tennis ball or any other small ball as a snitch. A softball as bludgers and a handball game ball.

All houses compete against each other. The children are divided into 1 goalkeeper, 1 seeker, 1 driver and 4-8 players.

The objective is to score as many as possible goals. (For a goal you can use a Hula-Hoop-ring, Basketball Hoops, etc. 1 Goal = 1 house point).

The drivers are on the sidelines, throwing softballs on the opposing team. If a player is hit, he has to run around the sports hall once (you can choose other activities as well) and only when he is finished may he return to the game. However, the driver repeatedly has to retrieve his bludger by himself.

The only one who cannot leave the game ever is the goalkeeper. The youth workers have the snitch and secretly they throw it into the game. If a seeker has the snitch the team gets 10 house points and the game ends.

Provided by Maike K.

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