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The aim of this evening is to get to know the world of film (talk of Hollywood) more closely. Who doesn’t dream of becoming of a big film star, and one day shooting a film in Hollywood or becoming the director? This evening is the first step in the direction of becoming a “Film Star” of the ‘big screen’, and the ‘Oscars’.

5 groups of approximately 8 people are formed. The team leaders should be dressed more smartly today.


The new young talents of the film industry are gathered to shoot a groundbreaking film. Firstly, a big casting session should be held to find out who is best suited/who knows the film world the best. The best ‘film studio’, who knows the most, is first to choose a genre for the final film. This should ensue in accordance to the order of points allocated for the game tasks. At the end the whole thing culminates in an Oscars award ceremony, in which small ‘snow’ Oscars (golden snowmen) are to be given for the various categories (best film, best actor, best special effects…).


  1. Groups should think of a Film studio name and assign roles within the group:

    • Director (later to be publicly interviewed)
    • Assistant director
    • Pyro-technician/Special effects manager (e.g. sounds or similar)
    • Actors
  2. Interview with Directors

    The group should choose a director who is the most quick witted. Directors are interviewed with witty questions.

    Journey to Hollywood

    As there are limited seats on the bus, it is a tough battle (Musical Chairs). Stop once only 5 places remain. Whichever team has the most players still in the game, wins.

    • 1 seat 7 Points
    • 2 seats 4 Points
    • 3 seats 2 Points

    The other groups of course arrive in Hollywood bit by bit, however due to the head start, the winning studio has advantages including a point-advantage.

  3. Variety film quiz

    Once all have arrived in Hollywood, naturally it depends on insider information to achieve success.

    • Guessing film quotations
    • Film-music quiz
    • Film questions
  4. Advert guessing

    Directors interrupt using a clapper board or a whistle and say their answer.

  5. Filming

    A film chosen from one of the categories (as a play) is to be shot, which is then performed live…

    Film categories:

    • Comedy
    • Romance
    • Action film
    • Horror film
    • Science Fiction
    • Western

    The specified time for the content of the film/play is approximately 5 minutes:

    • Set in a restaurant
    • An argument should occur

    People that should appear:

    • Fred the know-it-all
    • A fine Lady
    • A doctor
    • Mother in-law

    Words that should appear:

    • Buck tooth
    • Intolerable
    • “The summer is back”
    • Snow
  6. Oscar awards for:

    • best/ most authentic male role
    • best/most authentic female role
    • best special effects
    • best/most creative story
    • best costume
    • best adapted screenplay (who translated their genre the best)


  • 6 Snowmen-Oscars, e.g. polystyrene painted gold
  • Presentation with a film advert guessing-system
  • 15 film-quiz questions
  • 7-10 Title soundtracks
  • creative/witty interview questions

A contribution from Thomas Schlenker, EC-KV-Baar, Co-authors: Benni Glaser, Verena Saur

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