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James Bond & I

Here are a few ideas for a theme day or a camp. This is a game involving Secret Services, Agents and those who would like to be.

The following tasks can be built in during the course of the day. You can change and delete the tasks (place, age or group size) or add things.


To become a good agent you need training. Not everybody can be right for the job. Just the best ones are going to be chosen. The following ideas can be offered as a type of “workshop” for 30 minutes at a time.

Form six groups to complete all training sessions. After 30 minutes change the station and go to the next workshop. (Period: 3 hours)

  • Training with weapon: Use water pistols to blow out some candles or fill a bottle with water (a funnel is attached to the bottle).

  • Outdoor training: An outdoor obstacle race (crawling, climbing, jumping, running, camouflage and hiding)

  • Code techniques: Learn different methods of codes (secret inks, codes with numbers)

  • Communication techniques: Morse code or funk, a tin telephone

  • Logic and combination: Solve riddles, intelligence test, solve crimes

  • Brain training: KIM games, original and fake


The training is finished when the exam is passed. It is hard. This is real life and not a game like the ones you played when you were young. Be prepared. Everyone has to be top fit for this exam day. The games include the above tasks and others. It depends on the size of the groups, how this game is started: individually or as a group: it is important that each person is assessed individually. In addition you can work out a group assessment; add the points. So you can find out the best agent and the best country.

For each station you need a station leader. Many employees help to make the exam better and more demanding. There should be some challenges that have never been practised before during other workshops.

Ready for duty

The action can begin; new orders are ready and waiting for the new agents.

You can play various outdoor or town games. Choose a game that fits the group. You can also combine two games.

Use a few elements the group has already learned before.

Example: sneaking and camouflage, “Morse Code”, searching and arresting people, battle games or finding different puzzle pieces. Let them search for puzzles that they have to collect and decode.

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