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The Lantern Procession - an outdoor night game

This is a submission of the KJG Altenfurt (Germany). Unfortunately, this game is a little bit unclear in its description, but basically this game is all about for each team to get their lanterns, ablaze or not to its destination without losing them to the raid of another team. If it happens to be a handler you can score another lantern (either in the value of 1 or 3 points), however, is it a robber then you will lose 3 points or 1 lantern.

This all sounds a bit confusing, but that does not really matter. Use your imagination or make up your own rules.

Preparation for the game

The team leader divides the group into 5 equal teams. That means if you have 60 children you will end up with 12 teams. On the intended play field, there are starting and finishing lines for all 5 teams one each. Next, each team receives their glow stick – one colour for each team. This light has to stay with the team for the entire game.

Now, all teams are again divided into 2 groups (6 kids each). At the starting line, the team leader gives the first kid of the respective team a transparent box, as well as a spare packet of 50 glow sticks. In other words, 50 glow sticks can be transported in 50 runs. At the finishing line, you will need another team leader to put down all the points each team scores.


From the starting point, each team sends out a group, the so-called active team, which receives the team glowing stick and one other glow stick for the designated transparent box. Glas jars are great instead of transparent boxes. That will have a great effect at night.

The team glow stick will be attached to a Shaman’s Stick, and then it will be bent. The team glow stick has to be bigger than the rest of them. They also have to have a strap to attach them. All colours, except blue, will look great. Especially green and yellow. This is a great effect because when you are in a clearing, all you see is the moving light.

The aim of the game is, to bring the big glow stick to the finishing line.

[Modification: In order to collect bonus points at the finishing line, the team leader reads a few lines of a story (or even a Bible verse) at the start. If the respective team can repeat this verse correctly, at the finishing line, they will get some extra points. This way the kids can earn additional points. The main points are the number of glow sticks they can get across. That will give even the kids in the queue something to do.

If the team gets to the finishing line without getting the big glow stick bent, they receive 3 points. That seems pretty straight forward and easy. But be warned there is danger lurking in the dark. After all, each team is more than eager to get their glow stick straight to the finishing line.

If two groups meet:

If two groups meet and one group is touched by the other one, this team must stand still. Then, all 6 kids play scissors/rock/paper against each other.

The winning team gets the glow stick from the losing team and must move on with their and its own glow stick, trying to reach the finishing line as quickly as possible.

The losing team will return to the camp and one of the waiting teams is sent off into the night.

The trick is, the teams can attack each other at any time, even if they do not carry a glow stick with them. However, any new team can start after one team returns.

As an alternative rule: You are not to attack another team unless you have a glow stick in your box.

The handlers

Throughout the playing field, handlers will be found. You can recognise them by their luminous objects or through an audible melody or instrument. While the kids are moving from the start to the finishing line, they are allowed only once to visit a handler. And only then if the still have their straight glow stick. When they arrive at the handler, they again play scissors/rock/paper. In this case, however, it is one kid against the handler. If the handler wins, he bends the group glow stick. And they have to put it in the transparent box with the other glow sticks. If the child wins they team receives another straight glow stick for the box. To verify that the team only goes to one

The robbers

Of course, no game is complete without a robber. They can spring on a team at any time and challenge them to a game of scissors/rock/paper. Unfortunately, here only the team can lose. The team glow stick will be bent, and the team is on its way again. That sounds a bit unfair, however, that is the way it is. (Alternatively, you can come up with your own rules.)

Play time:

As long as each one enjoys the game, or for a fixed time of 45 minutes (depending on the size of the field).


The winner is, of course, the team that scored the most points.

Developed by Stefan, Markus and Michi, slightly modified and rewritten by

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