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Medieval Day in the camp

Search for the Holy Grail

Before the game begins, trophies are hidden in the terrain. The objective is for each team to find their own cup. But, to find the cup in the first place, the kids have to earn a magic potion. At every station, the kids can win a liquid adding to decrypt the magic potion. All results are written down, and points are given accordingly.

  1. Spider Web Game

    Material: Wool

    Between two trees ropes are tightened so that there are different holes in different sizes and height and one for each participant. The objective to get on the other side of the spider web without touching the ropes. Otherwise, you will score a negative point. The kids who have arrived on the other side safely, are not allowed to come back but can help all the other ones through the web. All minus points are added up

  2. Tug of War

    Material: thick rope

    Two groups play against each other

  3. Toilet paper wrapping

    Material: 6 rolls of toilet paper, stopwatch

    Which group manages fastest to wrap one kid up in toilet paper without the paper to tear.

  4. Paper bags game

    Material: each group receives a paper bag with markers (every 1.5cm draw a line with a pen), scissors

    Place a paper bag on the ground, with the opening upwards. Now, the first kid sits in front of the bag, and on one leg, picking the bag up with his mouth. If he is successful, the bag is shortened for 1.5cm, and the next kid gets a go. Who can pick up the shortest bag?

  5. Chopsticks Transport

    Material: three pencils, stopwatch

    The first kid holds two pencils. The next one puts a third pencil horizontal across the pencils. When the pencil is passed on it is not allowed to drop. Which group is the fastest?

  6. Crate Race

    Material: empty beer crates, stopwatch

    Each participant must cover a certain distance on two crates. They are not allowed to touch the ground in any way.

  1. Collecting potatoes

    Material: stopwatch, spoon, potato

    To begin, potatoes are hidden in the terrain. The objective is, for each kid find and then pick the potato up with a spoon and take it to the assembly station. The time will be stopped. The team collecting the most potatoes within a certain time wins the game.

  2. Migrating ring

    Material: a pen for each participant, ring, stopwatch

    Each participant has a pen in his hand. A ring must now be passed on from pen to pen

  3. Jousting

    The children sit together in their groups (competition arena). To kids are selected for each round.

  4. Nailing

    Material: tree trunk, nails, hammer

    Who can get the nail in the tree trunk using the fewest hits?

  5. Smelling spices

    Material: different spices in tins, blindfolds

    Who recognises most spices by smell?

  6. Pan beating

    Material: pan, spoon, blindfolds

    Each player receives a blindfold. Then a pan is placed in the middle. It is now the objective of each kid, to find the pot while wielding his spoon. The rest of the team can cheer their players and give them directions. The winner is the one who throws his spoon first into the pot.

  7. Net games

    Material: Net, Tennis Ball

    The objective is to throw a ball from a 3m distance into a net. Two players of each game compete against each other. Each has 5 attempts to throw and to 5 to catch.

  8. Helmet game

    Material: caps, wool

    Two participants are bound to each other. Everyone gets a cap on his head. The objective is to throw the cap off the opponent using only one hand. The teams should be selected before the game begins, so they do not choose them by size.

  9. Peeling potatoes

    Material: 6 equal-sized potatoes, peeling knife

    Who can peel off the longest potato skin snake?

  10. Toast Eating Contest

    Material: Per kid 5 slices of toast

    Who manages the fastest, eating 5 slices of toast?

  11. The rubber ring

    Material: rubber ring

    A rubber band is stretched from under the nose but above the mouth from one ear to the other. The objective is to get the rubber band down to the neck without using your hands.

Craft Workshops

  • Crafting a Dreamcatcher (Instructions can be found on the Internet. The rings can be obtained at the florist)

  • Decorating wooden boards tree grates with a soldering iron Caution always only in small groups because of the risk of injury!

  • Crafting Jewelry using leather belts, wooden beads and noodles

Submitted by Alexandra R. (Germany)

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