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Monopoly EXTREME

Target group: Teens


  • On a big piece of paper create the map; think of names of cities and villages

  • You will need dices (1-3), 4 playing figures, 48 "houses" and 12 "hotels" (e. g. token from another game)

  • Organise banknotes (e. g. from a classic Monopoly, adjust any currency)

  • Print Risk and Action cards and shuffle them well

  • Provide materials for action fields

Game rules:

For Monopoly Extreme same rules apply as for the classic Monopoly. However, this is played in 4 groups, each owning a city at the beginning. In addition to the classic gamer, there are actions where the group can make money. The game is played with two dices which have the numbers 1-3 twice. Your map can look like this below. The corresponding fields are explained further down:

Plan for the game Monopoly Extreme


Fields group of the 4 groups. As soon as somebody arrives at your city, they have to pay you € 50, for each house an additional € 50, while for every hotel an additional € 250


A village can be bought when you get there. If somebody arrives at your village, they have to pay you € 40, for each house an additional € 40 and€ 200 for each hotel.


If you arrive at this field, you can build something.
Each house in the city costs 150 €. After 4 houses, you can build a hotel for an additional € 150.
Each house in a village costs 100 €. After 4 houses, you can build a hotel for an additional € 100.


Here you must complete a task to be done in order to win something. (Please refer to the tasks listed below.


Positive and Negative events. Money that must be paid. (Please refer to the list below).


If you cast a 6 you have to stay in prison for 5 mins.

Free Parking:

If money is in the middle, you will receive this.

Start Capital:

€ 540 each (prices of villages between 180-240 €)


  • Your city has the most beautiful maypole. You get € 50 free!

  • There is controversy in the council. Stop for one round.

  • The streets in your city must be replaced. Pay 100 €.

  • Your mayor visited the mayor of the nearest town. Move to there.

  • Tax evasion - you have to go to prison!

  • City Festival in City1- go there!

  • You're hopped on the wrong bus - go back 3 spaces!

  • The houses and hotels need to be refurbished. Pay for each house 50 €, for each hotel 60 €!

  • The houses and hotels need to be refurbished. Pays for each house 50 €, for each Hotel 60 €!

  • The houses and hotels need to be refurbished. Pays for each house 50 €, for each Hotel 60 €!

  • You parked too long. Pay 20 €.

  • You visit the pool in City 2- have fun

  • You have good connections to the police. YOUR AVOID JAIL

  • You have good connections to the police. YOUR AVOID JAIL

  • You visit the Ice Saloon in City 1- Enjoy!

  • Visit your friends in City 3!

  • Today you go to the movies in City 4!

  • You have an honourable citizen. Pay him 50 €!

  • Your village was crowned "smallest and finest Village of the Year". For this, you receive € 100

  • The church bells of your location are broken. Pay € 20 for new ones.

  • In the school, the teachers have to be motivated and trained. Pay for € 50 to the middle.

  • You overstayed your nightly curfew. Pay € 20.

  • Your city receives 50 €because particularly good student on television.

  • One of your players wins the competition "Coolest Hairstyle". You receive 20 €!

  • Fight at the bus stop. You are charged 20 €!

  • One of your players has a birthday. You receive from each team member 20 €.

  • There are lots of thefts in your city. You are charged 70 €!

  • Your football team rises. You receive 20 €.

  • A window of the sports hall was damaged. Pay € 50.

  • A new roundabout must be built. You are charged 70 €!


If you win, you can cast the dice again or earn 20 Euro. If you lose against another group, they get the surplus. You choose which team gets the money.

  • Bible: Who can find the scripture first? 2 Corinthians 3.3

  • Always two kids together, trying to tie their shoes. Which group is faster?

  • Inflate a balloon as large as possible (size counts)

  • Put a balloon on the lap of one player. The other player has to sit on top so that the balloon bursts. Which group is faster?

  • Orange cuddle: An orange (or other similar sized fruit) is clamped under her chin and passed on like that from person to person. Which team is faster?

  • Guessing: How long are all ladders together? Which team comes closest to the correct answer?

  • Gumboot throwing: A gumboot is loosely pulled over the foot and flung as far and powerful as possible. Whose gumboot travels the farthest?

  • Find 3 words that end with "nf"!

  • Two players are back to back. An egg is clamped between her buttocks. The objective is to put it in an egg cup without breaking it. The egg cup stands on the floor.

  • All players hold hands. Instead of a circle a hula hoop is placed between two arms. The objective is for all players to step through the ring without letting go of the hands.

  • Two teams have to organise some objects quickly for the team leader. This goes on command.

  • Casting the dice, who gets the higher number

  • Eat oatmeal. Whose plate is empty first?

  • Within 30 seconds name 15 red and 15 green items.

  • Keep a peg open with two fingers and compete against a player from another team.

  • Within 30seconds name 10 different chocolates.

  • Counting the numbers of birth months. Which team comes up with the highest number?

  • Don’t speak for one round.

  • Imagine, you are applying for "Germany's Next Top Model” now run the catwalk up and down like Heidi and Co!

  • Which team runs faster around the town hall?

  • Who can build higher cork tower?

  • Beads are placed on a chair, underneath a bowl. Now, try to fidget to get the beads into the bowl

  • You need a plate with flour. The objective is to take a spoon in your mouth, trying to get the flour from the plate into a glass. Who’s got more in 1 minute?

  • You have to repeat those 3 sentences:
    The giraffe has many spots on the legs, belly and long neck.
    The brown spots, help to distinguish the giraffes from each other.
    The sentence was wrong.

  • Write with your feet this sentence: The rabbit sits in the grass.

  • Transporting a chair, without using your hands or touching the ground. 2 of each team. Which team gets the chair the furthest?

  • Rugby Couple: The opponents sit on the chairs, 6-7 meters apart from each other. Each has their feet bound. On command, they have to get the ball from the middle and bring it back to the chair.

  • Blowing Cards: Put an empty bottle on the table. Put a deck of cards on the bottle neck. The objective is to blow one or more cards off the bottle neck. If the deck falls down you have lost, even if it was the last card.

  • The contestants face each other with spread legs. Both right feet have to be next to each other. The objective is to push each other so that the other loses his balance. The winner contests the next player again.

  • Two contestants face each other in push up position. The objective is to push the opponent’s hand from under his belly so that he comes to fall. The winner contests against the next player.

  • 2 contestants face each other with arms crossed and just standing on one leg. The objective is to push each other out of the circle they are standing in. The winner contests against the next player.

  • Coin Throwing: Have a big water container, such as a trove. In this container put several smaller containers. The objective is to throw coins into this container so that they land in the smaller containers.

  • Egg throwing: An egg has to be thrown from one team to the other. The team that catches the egg wins.

  • Put various bottles in a crate. Before the kids are blindfolded, they have to remember the locations. Next, bottles are distributed around the crate; the players must find the bottles and put them back into the crate.

  • Two teams play against each other “4 Wins.”

  • Hide some objects within the group room. Which team finds the most objects within 1 minute?


Depending on how the game is developing, the profits for the Action Cards can be increased. This way you might be able to build sooner.

Submitted by Susanne L.

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