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Preparation time: high: approx. 2 days
Cost of materials: low
Age group: 8 – 16
Group size: any
Location: outdoors
Length: 2 – 4 hours
Season: any
Activity level: high
Educational Aims: Strategically solving a task.


Action packed group game, in which the aim is to compile a 14 digit telephone number in the shortest possible time; each digit can be deciphered by solving a task which is in some way associated with media.

Contra to other games in which groups start with a time limit and proceed with tasks in the same order, here the goal is to solve tasks that lead to the composition of a telephone number; mobile or landline. When this number is called it should reach an answer phone.

All groups start at the same time. The group to first leave their name on the answer phone wins. Every digit of the phone number in question is the solution to a Mutli-Media related task. All the problem solving tasks are available in advance. Each group decides at the beginning of play, how and when they want to solve each task. In doing so, the location of the respective Multi-Media Stations will be known.

The groups receive their tasks at the same time. The game leader should have a Mobile phone for which each group should know the number. Each task should be solved collectively by the group – there should be no splitting of the tasks. The answer phone can be set up cost free, e.g. on (01212-XXXXXXXXXX).

The following tasks are suitable: (the respective means of communication is in bold, the necessary preparations required are written after the 3 hashes)

  1. Present: ###

    Pre-print the ZERO on a note (the dialling code always begins with a 0)

  2. Mobile

    The word “vole testicles” should be sent via SMS from a stranger’s mobile phone to the team leader’s mobile. The task ‘digit’ should be immediately sent from the camp leader’s mobile via SMS to the senders mobile.### The correct digits should be ready and be sure that the Mobile being used does not belong to a camp participant (make lists of the numbers or collect all the mobiles beforehand).

  3. TV

    Which advert (1st. 2nd, 3rd etc) in the first advertisement section of the programme “Jugendrichter Hold” is the “Bifi” advert? ### Find out two days prior to the task from the channel Sat. 1 about the order of the advertisements in the 1st advertisement block of this programme (or other programmes depending on the timing of the task).

  4. Radio

    Local radio station (UKW XXX XX) announces the task digit on air at a particular time ### Contact the boss of the radio station and ask if they would be willing to help.

  5. Internet:

    Post the task digit on an internet guest book e.g. Task: “The Heinz Live Tours will tell you the eighth digit via the Internet, be our guests” ### Enter the correct digit in the mentioned guest book / on the PC or search an Internet Café.

  6. Telephone:

    A specific telephone booth will ring at a defined time. ### Find out the phone number of the booth or a spot for a mobile phone (Telephone booth must not be blocked, space the phone calls out by 10 minutes at a time until all the groups have received the digit)

  7. Newspaper:

    Place a small advert in a regional weekly newspaper/ find articles from the magazine “Bravo” whose page numbers average out to be the correct digit. ### Contact editors of the newspaper to arrange a time and date for the advert.

  8. Verbal:

    A sales clerk in a shoe shop (don’t tell the children which one) on hearing the cue “Here cobra the eagle has landed” gives an envelope containing a written list of 5 items from the store, whose collective price averaged out gives the task digit. ### Select the prices and items, prepare the envelopes and convince the sales clerks!

  9. Music:

    Find a song on a CD where specific text is made known/or in this case the song with a certain number on the CD. Select the song, have a portable CD player ready or convince a music store!

  10. Calculator:

    The task digit is the answer to a complicated calculation ### prepare a complicated calculation

  11. Silence:

    Postman’s knock with the digit and a pointless task (for example, meditate for 15 seconds, stick your right leg up in the air and puff out your cheeks! The 8th digit is the 5”) ### prepare a note with the silent task.

  12. Mobility:

    On which petrol pump at the Shell petrol station is there a sticker on the ‚Super’ petrol tap? ### attach a sticker

  13. Joker:

    1 Digit can be obtained by saying a codeword (call the team leader’s mobile) ### distribute the written code words

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