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The Olympic Socks Game

Cost: middle
People: 6 - 20
Duration: 1-2 hours
Material/organisation: middle
Age: from 8 years
Place: outside
Season: summer
Action: high
Material: lots of old socks, water, tubs, clothes line, clothes peg, measuring tape, measuring cup, darning thread, darning needle, detergent
Aim: a funny competition
Short description: a funny evening with socks.

A games evening with socks and tights: only suitable for old socks because some of them won’t survive this evening.


  • Feeble socks
  • Socks with a hole
  • Hot socks
  • Red socks
  • Smelly socks


  1. Stealing socks

    One on one or group against group: they try to take their opponent’s socks off. Those who have no socks are out of the game.

  2. 2 socks fight

    Two players stand in a ring and try to put of the socks from each other. Loser is the one without socks.

  3. Sock throw

    Everyone fills their socks with sand or clay. Do not tie a knot in the sock. Finally, the players try to throw the socks as far as they can.

  4. Socks pulling

    The groups pull a sock as far as possible. Which group can produce the longest sock?

  1. The socks presentation/ collection

    Even socks need to be sold. But how can you convince a customer that your sock is the best on earth and that he has to buy it? Each group considers a slogan and holds a presentation about their sock.

  2. Even the strongest sock is getting weak

    The detergent industry looks after socks too. The group’s task is to sell their detergent and to show that even a very dirty sock can become clean again. For this game, all the socks get dunked in a mud bath; a mixture out of dirt, ketchup and margarine. Finally the groups try to clean the socks with their combination of detergents (2-3 detergents) to revive the socks and get them smelling clean.

  3. Socks- Water- Clothesline- Race

    All players take off their shoes and keep just their socks on. The first runner begins and runs to a water tank. He put his feet into the water and runs back with his socks wet. At the finishing line, he takes off his socks and hangs them up on a line. Then the next player can start. The group that has finished first wins.

  4. Sock throwing

    Perfect for this game are big, woollen socks. A candidate puts his feet in a bucket full with water. Following he tries to hurl the sock as far as he can by swinging his foot. You will need a few tries before the sock easily slips from your feet. It is easier if the socks are 1 or 2 sizes too big for your feet.

  5. Spin dryer

    The first runner puts his sock into a bucket full with water. He holds the sock with two fingers. Then he runs to another bucket and releases the water by spinning the sock. When he is back the next runner begins. Which group has most water in their bucket after five minutes? Another variant: you wring out the sock at the finishing line (like a sponge relay).

  6. Socks smelling

    Everybody takes off their socks and places them in the middle of the circle. With blindfolded eyes they smell the socks and guess who they belong to. The player can then try to find the second sock by smell.

  7. Socks line

    Each group makes a line from socks. Which group has the longest chain?

  8. Socks darning 1

    Each group needs a sock to darn. Which group is faster and can darn the sock better?

  9. Socks darning 2

    Each group takes a sock. The group then puts as much sand in it as possible. The sock is weight at the end.

  10. Socks running

    A hurdle race with nothing but socks on your feet; which group wins?

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