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Adventure games | Battle of the Gideon

This is a game based on the story of the calling of Gideon

(Book of judges - chapters 6-8 in the bible)

Course of events

Battle of the Gideon

God’s folks of Israel are in the land of Canaan. They have wonderful victories. It is a dream land. Everyone is thankful to God. However in the next generations, they can only tell the stories about such harmony, they take care of other things than living according to God’s commandments. This leads to disagreements and attacks by thieving nomad folks – the Midianites. They steal the harvests and hide in the caves. Gideon, the son of Joash, is completely despaired. In his father’s name, he secretly threshes into the wheat fields. A visitor (messenger from God) appears to Gideon and shows him the mistakes and the sins of the people. Gideon’s doubts towards God are swept away. The messenger instructs him to attack the Midianites. Gideon becomes a different person. He knows that God is with him. He wrote this message of freedom on his flag: "The lord is my peace" in the middle of this strife. God shows him how to call his fellow comrades to opposition. With 300 select colleagues he wins against the Midianites with his artfulness (read the book of Judges).

Game players

The Gideon family (at least 2 players), God’s messenger (1 member of staff), people of Israel (at least 3 players), the Midianite army (at least 5 players but no more than 50% of the number of players) and the town of Jerusalem (the headquarters = 1 member of staff).

Game plan

For the best game plan, please stick to the game structure and times given. If the times cannot be maintained, please confer with the game headquarters.


Hatchet, saw, ropes, watch, torches and 2 flags

Running times (length = approx 2 hours)

  • 6:00 p.m. Gideon breaks into the Ophra oak with his family according to the sketch. Once there, he secretly makes little wooden bundles with the cord (wheat threshes).

  • 6;:30 p.m. The Midianites look for Gideon’s camp and steal his bundles. They leave at least 1 piece alone.

  • 6:45 p.m. God’s messenger appears in Gideon’s camp and hands over the flag to him (= the lord is my peace). He hammers it into the ground at the edge of woods in a visible spot beside the oak with 3 bundles. The Midianites are not allowed to attack from now on. Gideon looks for the hidden colleagues by using the call of “Israel” at the edge of the woods to the North West. He gives them a test of courage to select the best fighters. (Who will stay in the camp and who will go on the attack?). Courage is tested by running from the oak to the hut without being tagged. The Midianites build their camp with a flag at the hunting post beside the hills and try to observe Gideon using scouts! Where the Midianite flag flies – there is the camp.

  • 7:15 p.m. Gideon’s attack: He tries to recapture the bundles of sticks and bring prisoners into his camp. Every fighter is in safety and cannot be imprisoned within the walls of Jerusalem (game headquarters).

  • 7:45 p.m. End of the game. We meet up punctually in Jerusalem: round the game off in good time.

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