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Phase 10

This game is based on the popular card game Phase 10th

There are 10 stations. At each station, several games are prepared. IF you can’t resolve one station, you have to go back one station. Ie, if you do not make the 3rd station, you need to go back to station 2. However, you just can’t repeat the game you finished before; you have to resolve a new one.

Three are several teams. The team, which reaches station 10 first, wins.

For younger children could be present this in a way, that, for example, a princess has been kidnapped. To rescue her you first have to pass those 10 obstacles.

Phase 1: Balloons

  • With the fork

    Using a fork, a balloon is passed through the team

  • Buoyancy

    Which team can keep a balloon in the air for 1 minute by blowing on it?

  • The Artist

    Who can hold the 15 balloons using both hands/feet/ chin?

  • Skill Game

    The kids pair up. Which pair can turn around once without dropping the balloon wedged between their chests?

Phase 2: Beer mats

  • Pyramid

    Pyramid with two triangles below and one above. (Mini pyramid) in two minutes.

  • Sucking

    Hold a coaster by air suction to the mouth and pass it on to the next person. Chances are it will drop. However, a funny game. See if you can make it in make it through the entire team in not more than 30 secs.

  • Walking on tippy toes

    The coaster can only be held between the toes. Try to pass it on to the next person who also can use only their toes. See if you can make it through the entire team in under 1 minute. You can play that as well as a relay.

  • Blanket crawling

    Always one player sits on a blanket; his hands must not touch the ground. In every hand, he gets to hold a coaster. Now, using only his feet and bottom he has to crawl for one minute.

  • Bottle transport

    Coasters have to be carried on top of a bottle. Relay Game, duration 1 minute.

  • Restacking

    Coasters have to be “redeployed" from box A to box B. You’ve got only 1 minute to do that. The challenge, each child, does only take one coaster every 30 seconds.

Phase 3: Toothpicks

  • Passing on a ring, using a toothpick

    Each player gets a toothpick in his mouth. The ring has to be passed on from toothpick to toothpick. You’ve got only 1 minute.

  • Stacking toothpicks on a bottle neck

    Each team gets a packet of toothpicks and has to staple that as quick as possible on a bottle neck. Which team can stack a pre-determined number of toothpicks first?

  • Building a rolling hedgehog

    Each team receives a pack of toothpicks and an apple or potato. The toothpicks are now stuck all around into the apple/potato. Then the apple/potato has to be rolled a certain distance. The better the toothpicks are placed, the better the apple will turn.

Phase 4: Clothespins

  • Finding clothespins

    2 players form a team. Both get blindfolded. The youth worker clamps 10 clothespins on each child. The objective is, who can find more clothespins on the other player within 30 seconds.

  • Endurance

    Crushing clothespins. Maximum time 2 minutes.

  • Blind hurdle run

    Lay out a walkway using clothespins. Next one player is blindfolded. Another team player directs him through the walkway without touching the clothespins.

Phase 5: Straws

  • Pipeline

    Several straws are connected to a long pipeline. Now the pipeline has to transport water to a measuring cup. The cup must be full within 1 minute.

  • Water Transport

    Each child has to transport water using only a straw from A-B. The cup must be full within 1 minute.

Phase 6: Wool

  • Make strands of wool into a supporting spider web

    Each group receives a ball of wool and has to create a supporting spider web. The objective is for the spider web to hold an object weighing 1kg.

  • Laying out an image

    Using wool, the children are supposed to display a picture. (e.g. house, moon, tree, star, ....). The rest of the team has to guess what the image is. This game is a nice alternative to Pictionary. In 5 minutes, five different pictures have to be guessed.

  • Wrapping up wool

    An approx. 2m long piece of wool is attached to a pencil. On the other end, you attach a candy. The winner is, who gets first to the candy.

Phase 7: Dominoes

  • Calculator

    10 dominoes are lying on the table face down. The youth worker rotates one stone after another around quickly. The other players try to memorise the numbers on the dominoes, add them up and call out the sum. The winner is who gets the answer right.

  • 23.Domino snake

    You have one minute to stand up as many as possible dominos. Rating: how many dominoes were set up and were then successfully toppled in a chain reaction?

  • 24. Domino Tower

    You’ve got one minute to build an as high as possible tower with dominos. Which team can build the highest tower? Use a ruler to measure it.

Phase 8: Nails

  • 25. Driving nails into a piece of wood

    Drive 10 nails into a tree stump within 1 minute.

  • 26. Bending nails and hanging them up on a string

    Each team receives 10 longish nails. The objective is to bend the nails and hang them up one by one on a thin thread. Depending on the nature of the nail pliers may be used.

  • 27. Nail chain

    Each team has one minute to bend as many as possible nails and link them together to a chain. For each player needs a pair of pliers.

Phase 9: Bottles

  • 28. That hurts the knees

    One player stands on a chair. Around the waist, he gets a long thread with a gummy bear attached on the other end. The objective now is to insert the gummy bear into the bottle while only bending the knees. How many can they make in 2 minutes?

  • 29. Bottle Bowling

    The team is bowling with plastic bottles. Each team has one go and has to throw them over at once.

  • 30. Astronaut Training

    One player has to run to a bottle, touch the top and run around the bottle 20x without letting go. Then he runs back and the next player gets a go. Always good as a relay game.

Phase 10: Beer Crate

  • 31. How many people fit on a box on a box

    The entire team has to stand on a crate for at least 15 seconds.

  • 32. Pedestal

    One kid of each team has to sit on the pedestal for at least one minute.


  • Fork
  • Balloons
  • Coaster
  • Bottles
  • Toothpick
  • Clothespins
  • Straws
  • Water
  • Two equal-sized cups
  • Wool
  • Pencil
  • Candies
  • Dominoes
  • Nails
  • Hammer
  • 1 Beer Crate
  • Pedestal

Provided by Marie-Christine Duyster, Raeren in BELGIUM

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