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Royal night time game

This is a smuggling game at night with glow sticks, soldiers, a king and queen, smugglers and a kingdom which should become larger. The idea was sent in by Andre B.

Material required:

  • Glow sticks in two colours – two per player
  • Reflective strips
  • UHU fix, strong sticky pads
  • Tape for marking out the area
  • Torch
  • Three pens
  • Beer mats
  • Player passes
  • Map of the area
  • Prize for the winners (sweets etc.)


  • Put the materials together
  • Print the players passes
  • Choose the area and mark it out

Dividing the group

Make 2 equal sized groups. If you have mixed gender groups make sure that equal numbers of boys and girls are on each team. Every group needs a game leader. Course of events:

Part 1: Base search

Each group is allocated a base. This base is entered on a map. Both groups are sent off at the same time with a map to find their base. The base must remain unknown to the other group because this is the hiding place for the smuggling hunt. The base is marked out. The group sets up camp here while the game rules for the smuggling hunt are explained.


You can leave this part of the game out and start with part 2 straight away.

Part 2: Smuggling hunt

Each group is a kingdom. The kingdom must be extended. In order to do this, as many coins (beer mats) as possible have to be brought into the neighbouring land. The more coins are smuggled in, the larger the kingdom becomes. Each kingdom has:

  • 1 x King (10 points)
  • 1 x Queen (9 points)
  • 1 x Prince (7 points)
  • 1 x Princess (6 points)
  • 2 x King’s servants (4 points)
  • 4 x Soldiers (2 points) the number of soldiers should relate to the number of smugglers. One soldier should be employed per 4 smugglers.
  • General public 01 point

One point is awarded per smuggled coin and the soldiers receive one point for each captured coin. This means that everyone can make points. To distinguish between the two groups, each player has a glow stick attached to each shoulder with sticky tapes (UHU fix). The groups have different colours (blue and yellow). The soldiers have a reflective strip attached to their left wrist so that they can be distinguished from the smugglers. Only one coin is allowed to be smuggled at a time. These are handed out at the group base camp and entered in the player’s pass. As soon as a coin arrives at the destination, it is entered in the pass once again. The soldiers do not receive a player’s pass but a service pass. As soon as a soldier has 5 coins he must bring them to his base camp. The points are then entered in his service pass by the game leader.

Each group must think about their game tactics so that as many points as possible can be collected. This game tactic must be agreed before the beginning of the game but is, of course, allowed to be changed at any time during the game. The players are not allowed to change their position, this means that the king is not allowed to be changed during the game, for example. The female positions must always be played by a girl.

There is a triangular shaped playing field. The two group bases are placed at the two bottom points of the triangle and the top point is the smuggling goal. There is a forbidden zone in the middle where the soldiers are to be found. The soldiers are not allowed to catch anyone outside of the forbidden zone.

The soldiers must catch the smugglers. It is not enough to just simply touch the smugglers. They have to hold them tight. However the smugglers are not allowed to use physical force so that there is no risk of injury. The smugglers are allowed to run away and hide, however their glow sticks must remain visible; they are not allowed to hide them. In the game tactics it might be useful to run in pairs so that if one smuggler gets caught, the other can get through.


So that it is slightly easier, a tag is enough to catch a smuggler. At the end of the game the players passes are handed in to the game leader and the points are counted up. The king who has managed to extend his kingdom is honoured and all of his subjects are rewarded. (Possibly a large box with sweets or ice-cream.)

Example of a player pass

player pass

Author: André Banmann

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