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Welcome to Smurf Village

This game was sent in by Christin C. from KJG St. Josef in Remscheid. A few ideas came already from here. Something is now given back with this contribution. Thank you!


Girly Smurf has found a talisman. This talisman belongs to the witch Hogatha. It has magical power but girly Smurf is not able to handle it. Now she is ill and has to stay in bed. Because of the magic all Smurfs have become egoistic and do not help each other anymore. The problem is that that they need each other. And so they can not solve their daily problems. The Smurfs become sad and argumentative. Some Smurfs leave the village because they want a rest from their fellow Smurfs.

One group was not in the village while the incident happened. Now they are shocked about the current situation. Papa Smurf is immune to the bad magic, but without help he cannot change anything. He asks the group Smurfs for their help, and to break the curse. The only way to break the curse is to bring back the talisman from the bad witch.

But be careful: No Smurf is allowed to touch the talisman. Otherwise the same thing happens as what happened to girl Smurf. The only ally is Papa Smurf. If you do not know how to proceed; ask Papa Smurf. But do not come too often because Papa Smurf is very busy.

Morning: Construction of the Smurf village…

Material: white material, blue body colour, blue serviettes, cord, red paper

The children should create a Smurf village! Examples:

  • Sew white hats
  • Make little tails from blue serviettes
  • Decorate the tents with red dots (like a toadstools, upside down)
  • Paint your faces blue

Lunch: The Smurf meal...

There is a Smurf meal (something dyed blue; e.g. mashed potatoes, quark) During the meal, the song of the Smurfs is played.

Afternoon: The game begins …

The children are divided into groups of 8-10 members, with different ages. Afterwards the children hear the story. Each child gets a life-band (e.g. a peg). Now they can start to solve the problem. The talisman is in the middle of the square. In the meantime the guards take their positions around the square. All are in a bad mood, except Papa Smurf. They are hidden because they want peace and quiet.


  • It does not matter in which order the groups go to the game stations. Best is that the groups visit Papa Smurf, first (but not all groups can visit Papa Smurf at the same time at the beginning).

  • No more than three people per group should loose their life-band. If there are more children who have lost it, they have to go to Papa Smurf or Mother Nature and get a new one.

Papa Smurf (red cap, beard):

  • Think about a method to transport the talisman without touching it. You have to bring it back to the witch. Guide the Smurfs towards the idea that they need to brew a potion. When she is asleep they can bring her to the talisman. She will take it back to her house. The clue is that the children do not touch it.
    Papa Smurf gives them the recipe

  • He is able to give them new life-bands. The Smurf who needs a new life-band has to answer a question.

  • He will lend them a shaver if they need one.

  • If the group does not know where they can find the yellow cap, he has the idea to make it from the yellow wrapping paper. If the group has all ingredients Papa Smurf will mix the potion and he will cast a spell Sleepwalk potion

Gargamel (black clothes, red shoes, cat):

  • He lies in wait for the Smurfs and tries to catch them in the wood. He wants their life-bands.

Witch Hogatha (red, curly hair and a blue-purple cape):

  • She stands in front of her cauldron and stirs in it. From time to time she tastes the potion. When she sees a Smurf she pursues him/her and tries to get the life-band.

  • When the “sleepwalk- potion” is done they try to put it in the witch’s cauldron. (The children can try to distract the witch).

  • Next time when the witch tastes her potion she falls asleep and sleepwalks. The Smurfs bring her to the tents. She takes the talisman and the Smurfs bring her back. The game is then won.

Poetry (quill, paper):

  • “No one believes me: It is called a “cork-Smurf” and not “Smurf-screw”.

  • The group comes with a cork Smurf box a bottle of Smurf-water

Beauty (a pink flower in his cap)

  • “No one pays attention to me because of my big nose.”
    The group has to tell him his favourite joke. Afterwards he gives them a tube of self-tanning lotion.

  • “Gargamel has painted me with an invisibly colour. Nobody can see me”
    The group brings him a mirror and displays him that he is not invisible. Beard

  • “They have just white caps in Smurf-village. But I want a yellow one.
    Smurf paint


  • “I promised Papa Smurf that I will not use my “bang gifts” anymore. But I have still some, what should I do with them?”
    If the group takes his presents and if they do not get a fright, he presents them with a box.


  • “There will be a huge drought and all people will starve if it does not rain soon.”
    If the group can tell him good news (a promise from Mother Nature that it will rain) he gives him some flour.

  • „If the sun does not shine soon we won’t get some blue berries.
    If the group can tell him good news (a promise from Mother Nature that the sun will shine) he gives him some blue berries.

Cakey (A cook cap and a bib):

  • „ Papa Smurf celebrates his birthday soon. I want to bake a cake, but I have no recipe.”
    If the group brings him the recipe they get some flour.

    If the group brings him some flour they get a mirror.

    If the group brings him some blue berries they get some Smurf sherbet powder

Lazy (he falls asleep everywhere):

  • “I cannot sleep. Yawn. I have lost my pillow.”
    If the group brings him the pillow he shakes it. While he does that a feather falls out. He gives them this feather.

Smarty (he raises his index finger and has glasses on):

  • Smarty has lost his memory “Who I am? Who are you? What are you doing here?”
    If the group tells him why they went in the wood (Talisman, girly Smurf) he gets his memory back and remembers the recipe from Cakey.

  • 2. Smarty tells the group the unfunny joke from Beauty.


  • “I want a beard”
    If the group brings him a beard they get a pillow.

  • “I do not want a beard anymore, it scratches”
    If the group brings him a shaver he gives them sun lotion.

Mother Nature:

  • “I want to lay in the sun and tan”
    If the group bring her the tube of self-tanning lotion she promises them that it will start to rain.

  • “I will not let the sun shine anymore I have a bad sunburn”
    If the group brings her sun lotion she promises them that the sun will shine.

The sleepwalk potion:

  • Recipe: Smurf-water, Smurf sherbet powder, a feather and Smurf paint.


  1. Jokey: box 1. cork-Smurf box Poetry: Smurf-water
    2. Yellow material yellow cap Beauty: Smurf-colour

  2. Smarty: Recipe Cakey Smarty: joke Beauty: tube of self-tanning lotion Mother Nature: Promises Farmy: flour Cakey: Mirror Beauty:Beard Clumsy: pillow Lazy: feather

  3. Papa smurf: Shaver Clumsy: sun lotion Mother Nature: 2. promises Farmy: bilsberries Cakey: Smurf sherbet powder

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