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Super-agent training evening

Preparation time: 10 Minutes
No. people: 6+
Duration: 1 h
Material cost: minimal
Age: 8+
Location: indoors
Season: any
Activity level: medium - high
Material: Sack, blindfold, Hoola-chain, Feathers, mirror, YES/NO- signs
Aim: Fun and games
Summary: A games evening centred on James Bond, agents and exciting agent training.


The assistants receive the children dressed as agents. They are greeted and should also be trained as agents today. To do this they have to undergo a training programme. As background music have the music intro from the James Bond movies playing.

  1. Test: Sack command

    The agent trainers give commands and throw the small sacks to another trainer. The newcomers are only allowed to follow the commands of the agent holding the sack.

    Materials: Small sacks (the material of the sacks incidentally comes from the jacket of a famous agent).

  2. Test: Bodyguard

    A civil servant does not leave the house without her crown (hoola-chain). 4-6 bodyguards have to protect her whilst others attempt to take the crown off her. The bodyguards are not allowed to touch the crown. The others are not allowed to touch the civil servant.

    Materials: Hoola-chain

  3. Test: Blowing feathers

    To detect light sensors, lasers etc. as an agent you blow feathers in-front of yourself (something which surely no-one else knew until now!).

    Materials: Feathers

  4. Test: Sack-o-port

    A bag of marbles can be passed from agent to agent only via the feet as the hands will be used to hold onto a rope. Stretch the arms upwards. The marble bag can not fall to the floor.

    Materials: Sack from the first test

  5. Test: Code-hand shakes

    A Yes/No question only readable by looking in a mirror has to be answered. Agents sit in two rows. Only the agent at the front can read the question and has to pass the answer to the back via handshake. The person at the back has to then sit on a designated yes/no chair.

    Materials: Mirror, yes/no signs

  6. Test: dark sack

    An agent is captured by enemy agents and locked in a dark room. One agent has their eyes blindfolded and is given a towel in their hands with which they have to catch the others.

    Materials: Blindfold

  7. Test: Tell me

    The performance of the agent trainers and observation of the newcomers; In case you are captured as an agent, you are not allowed to give away any information during interrogation. The trainers set questions which can be answered with ‘yes’, ‘no’, ‘white’ or ‘black’.


Why do agents always wear sunglasses? How do we see other people? Are there different types of glasses? Views? Which glasses are YOU wearing?

A contribution from Carina W.

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