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Survival Day

A survival training course is perfect as a 24 hour programme during a camp. An initial tip for all “real survivors“: do not take everything too seriously! This is not “real survival” but more about a few attempts and exercises. The focus should be on having fun.

The following ideas are possible tasks that can be included in such a day. Some can be left out or changed or others can be added depending on the conditions (location, age, size of group).

The 24 day begins at 6 o’clock when the kids wake up. They make an earth oven.

Bake bread (bread mix, water, flour, aluminium foil, fat and matches)

Boil tea over the camp fire (water, pot and tea bags)


Start of an orientation run with a map & compass. Visit task stations and solve tasks along the way

  • Hunt for rabbits (shoot card boards with a bow and arrow)

  • Shoot a wild boar (shoot card boards with a spear)

  • Transport fire (a fire must be transported from point A to point B. Warning – danger of fire spreading.)

  • In connection with this station: boil water against the clock

  • Hang and swim over a river

  • Quiz questions (identifying animal tracks, name trees and plants, find out the directions, …)

  • Make a fire with a magnifying glass



  • An outdoor game: on the hunt! The staff members are the prey and they spread out around the woods. The kids try to catch the staff members. (Hit them with beer mats). The child receives a marked beer mat for each hit. The employees have different numbers of points so that the beer mats are all worth different values. For example, there are lots more points for bear fur than rabbit fur.

  • After the outdoor game, the kids can swap their collected furs for meat, carrots, potatoes, aluminium foil, fat or curd. There are traders for these products (staff members). No one should go hungry but the kids should notice that anyone who didn’t hunt well, doesn’t have as much to trade in.

  • A camp fire is then used to grill and prepare the food – each group for itself.

After the evening meal:

  • The kids build a camp with protection from the rain for the coming night.

  • A short night-time outdoor game is possible late in the evening: the members of staff are the wolves and they try to sneak into the survivors’ camp. The kids try to stop the wolves (by removing a tag on their left and right arm).

  • Each group then takes to their accommodation for the night and try to survive. This is a special challenge if it starts to rain. But this is part of the survival day.

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