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The Trash Evening

Cost: middle
People: 6 - 30
Length: 2 hours
Material/organisation: middle - high
Age: from 8 years
Place: not relevant
Season: not relevant
Action: middle
Material: bags, tins, egg boxes, cardboard box etc.
Goal: try to design things from trash (example: elaborate costumes)
Short text: Trash can be used to play games, to design instruments or make costumes.

Playing materials do not have to be expensive and the finances in some groups aren’t always available. With the following ideas you can achieve a lot and spend less.

You can find everything you need at a recycling centre. Or you can collect everything that might be useful.

Fashion show

You can use:

  • Plastic bags
  • Tins (washed out)
  • Boxes
  • Tetra packs (washed out)
  • Boxes for eggs
  • Tin foil (you can use it to make a knight amour)
  • Polystyrene

To make costumes with those things you need also: A spike (for the tins), rope, sticky tape, elastic, glue for the boxes and a stapler.

After the game, you can bring everything back to the recycling plant.

The trash orchestra

  • Make bongos and drums from different tins and washing powder boxes.
  • Put stretch elastics over a cup and you get “some kind” of guitar.
  • Rattles and rain pipes (fill pebbles into long paper pipes)
  • A glockenspiel (hang up tins, in different sizes, on a rope)
  • Clink bottles (fill water into glass bottles, in different sizes)

Game ideas

  • Recycle trash: You have to sort 100-400 items (sheet metal, glass, paper, plastic, deposit items etc.)
  • In a skip there are 100 different objects. Try to remember as many things as possible. Time limit: 60 seconds
  • Tin shooting
  • Pyramid stacking with tins
  • Frisbee game with egg boxes
  • Polystyrene- egg-shred- battle: Throw the packaging into the field of your opponent
  • Use a plastic foil as water pipe and let the water flow from A to B
  • Cork game with old wine corks
  • Bottle game with plastic bottles
  • Crown cap fishing with a magnetic fishing rod

Questions concerning the issue of recycling

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