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Water games at the camp

  1. Each participant receives a tablespoon. Then each team lines up, one behind the other. The first person of each team receives a water bomb. This waterbomb is placed on the spoon. Now the water bomb has to be passed on from one kid to the next until it reaches the last person. Then the sequence is reversed, and the bomb makes its way back to the front again.

  2. Throwing a fully inflated water ball back and forth from a 5m distance

  1. Fill the balloon with exactly 1 litre of water. The team has two attempts

  2. A player is sitting blindfolded on the shoulders of his mate holding a lance. The objective is to destroy a water ball hanging from a tree.

  3. A 0.5l plastic bottle is filled with water and tied to the thigh of one kid. The objective now is to pour the water into a container, without touching the bottle or the container. All the other team members are supposed to help.

  4. The team has five minutes to build a vessel made of natural materials, in which they then transport water from one bucket to another. Buckets are 5 meters apart, and the team has three minutes to transport the water. Play it as a relay race.

  1. The feet are tied together, however, between the legs a water bomb is placed. Now the player must complete a hurdle course. Each team member gets a go. The time is stopped.

  2. On a table is a jar. The objective is, to squirt water from a shampoo bottle into the from a 2m distance jar. Every kid gets a go; the time is stopped.

  3. Each player will receive a half-filled plastic cup and lies down on the ground. The cup is placed on the forehead. The objective is to get up without toppling over the cup. Each kid has three attempts. Every successful “resurrection” scores one point.

  4. Four kids hold a towel on each corner. A fifth player throws a water bomb from a 5m distance while the kids have to catch it with the towel. They have 5 attempts.

  5. Two players sit opposite each other on chairs, trying to soap each other up with shaving cream on their noses, hair and upper body. Then using water guns or water cups to splash the shaving cream off again. The winner is the one, who cleanses his opponent first.


  1. Per team one tablespoon; water bombs
  2. Per team a water balloon; 5-meter mark
  3. Pro team a balloon; litre measure
  4. Pro team a water balloon, hung up in a tree; lance; blindfold
  5. 0,5l bottle, bucket/bowl, jar
  6. Two buckets, five meters apart
  7. 7.Kreppband; Depth charges; hurdle course
  8. Jar with markings; shampoo bottle; bucket to fill; 2-meter mark
  9. Per team a plastic cup; bucket to fill
  10. dishcloth, water bombs
  11. 11 Chair formation; shaving cream; shampoo bottles

Submitted by Alexandra R. (Germany)

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