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Youth group water games on dry land

  1. Throwing Water Bombs

    Material: 10 water bombs, yard stick

    Objective: From a marked line children are throwing 3 water bombs. Youth workers write down the distance.

  2. Candies Diving

    Material: bowl, candy, stopwatch

    On command, the children have to get the candies out of a water bowl in just 10 seconds. Write down how many candies each kid got.

  3. Water Season

    Material: 3 cups, obstacles, 2 buckets, measuring cup

    Objective: Children have to run through an obstacle course, delivering water from A – B. Write down how many litres each child could manage.

  4. Drinking competition

    Material: water bottles

    In the youth group, we do not want to offer any of the famous drinking games. Chances are at one time they will find out about them all by themselves. However, one or the other competition with a bubbly soda bottle is safe and fun. All bottles are filled up and on command, the children can start drinking. The fastest gets one point. Staff write down winner 1-3 and distributes the points 3-1.

  5. Water bomb and spoon race

    Material: 7 water bombs, 3 spoons, stopwatch

    Children are running with the water bomb on the spoon across the field. If he drops the water bomb, he has to start all over again. Write down the time of each child.

  6. Water on the head

    Material: 3 cups

    A cup of water is placed on the child’s head. Now he has to cover a certain distance without dropping the cup. The one who is the driest wins. Afterwards, you could offer a water fight

Provided by Jonathan D.

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